10 Romantic getaway locations

Praying for a vacation to go on a romantic journey with your other half? Oh yeah! And if you both are already free from the dull workdays, you should start planning on picking a perfect getaway location right now! Deal, as long as you’ve got some spare cash and at least one free week, we will do all the planning for you! Here are 10 romantic getaway locations, weekend getaway locations, and so much-needed escapes for just two of you that you will remember till the next runaway!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, the walled-town of a pre-Columbian Mayan civilization, is nestled on the Caribbean coastline and happens to be quite a short flight from some major cities of the USA. This vivid, rustic site is dotted with tiny, privately-owned hotels and shops, making it a magnificent escape for pairs who are tired of the conventional all-inclusive crowded resorts. Tulum proves a point to be literally away from the civilization conveniences, with most hotels being totally electricity-free, so afford a luxury to switch your phones off. Still, there’s plenty to do here, like scuba diving with an underwater photography or visiting the ancient ruins.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you’re looking for some extraordinary getaway locations, there can be no better place than Marrakech. There is definitely something sultry and mysteriously magnetic about this place. Perhaps it’s hidden gardens, the dimly-lit corners and the maze of the unmarked doors that open up to awe-inspiring spaces of rich exotic colors and textures. You can spend your time gazing at local architecture and trying traditional cuisine, or you can book an air balloon ride over the palm groves and gorgeous oases.

Point Reyes, California

Those couples headed to this little seashore town north of San Francisco to enjoy the spectacular food weekend can spend days walking along the picturesque rocky skyline, sandy beaches and rural farmlands. Make sure to pack a picnic basket to have a nice lunch overlooking the lonely lighthouse. Book a room at nearby Nick’s Cove, which hosts a seasonal restaurant serving fresh seafood straight out of local waters and has 12 private cottages with truly amazing views.

Tofino, British Columbia

Surfing in warm waters is super fun. But doing it in chilly temperatures? Now that’s a real deal! Go straightly to the Long Beach Lodge Resort, which owns an on-site surf base with all the needed facilities on Cox Bay. You can find peace and harmony in hot relaxation tubs, saunas and a cozy coffee bar on site. When you feel like you’ve had enough of the freezing ocean surfing, go for a zip-lining across the river canyon, rolling on 4WDs around Port Alberni and visit the local national park.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

We’ve included this one into our list because it won’t hit your wallet to enjoy the beauty and power of the cascades and discover a diverse flora and fauna of the location. Right after, end your day at the worth-visiting true wonder of the mother nature – Laguna Grande bioluminescent bay.

Awoken by motion nearby, the microscopic organisms and bacteria lighten up the shallow-waters just like stardust. So enchanting!


It takes no more than two hours from Miami and you’re in a world packed with adventure! With classy diving and snorkelling, zip-lining through the jungle and some impressive ancient ruins to explore. Belize is a real paradise for any kind of activity. To add to romanticism, consider staying on one of the private islands surrounding the mainland, where some bungalows are built partly over the water.

Khanom, Thailand

Thailand might be a pretty pricey location in addition to how far away it is, but you’re totally guaranteed to spend one of the best getaway vacations there. Khanom, which is about an hour of ride from Koh Samui Island, is a little, peaceful town with lush, mind-blowing scenery. The Aava Resort and Spa has a superior wellness-oriented program to suit both the active couples, with things like well-known Thai boxing; or for the pairs seeking for a total relaxation with meditation and yoga classes. And whether you want to lounge on a sunny beach in this paradise or take up an elephant safari, your desires will be fulfilled with pleasure.

Cartegena, Colombia

Colombia is experiencing a true tourist boom in its history that makes this overlooked gem an ideal place for adventurous pairs. More than Caribbean Sea views, Cartagena is a destination shrouded in colonial history, where palaces and churches remain well-preserved. You may discover many nice hotels, art galleries and shops opened their doors in recent years, making it perfect for couples who are into cultural exploring.

Barahona, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is not just the more popular tourist attraction, drawing thousands of tourists who prefer a more private and off-the-beaten-path traveling experience. You’ll find reveal cloud forests, go hiking, bird-watching and boat trips to an uninhabited isle called Bahia de las Aguilas. Chill out at the Diamond Blue Tropical Lodge, which is close to the beach and won’t cost you a pretty penny.

Chassignolles, France

Chassignolles proposes long, inert days spent communing with cows, feasting your eyes on that land art created by a farmer with some hay bales and pulling over to smell the wild roses that sugar-coat the roadways. There is only one place you can stay at – Auberge de Chassignolles. Its eight rooms are minimally packed, but the views from the windows are entrancing. The restaurant chef sources from local farms, little markets and nearby forests. His menu includes 100% French dishes complemented with old wines, so don’t expect to order a burger with fried potatoes and a Coca-Cola there. If this place isn’t heaven on earth, what is it then? Thanks to our friends from MariaDating for providing this article.

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