10 Tips for couples travelling together

Traveling with a lover is always a splendid idea. But let us not pretend that it is such a sleek ride every time you go abroad. Couples that travel together may sometimes undergo quite a notoriously tricky experience, full of stressful situations, and polar opinions on whatever not and how much it’s necessary to pay for hugging an orangutan in a zoo.

Here are 10 most useful tips to survive (a bit exaggerated) a journey when you travel with a beloved person, without needing someone else to transfer you bail money at the end of your vacation.

#1 Master up your expectations

You know, every minute of vacation is not meant to be filled with sparkles, colourful macaroons and laughter. If you travel together with your partner, you should be ready for a certain level of personal stress and not just while you’re getting to the location. Just because you don’t feel totally relaxed and close all the time doesn’t actually mean your relationship is under threat.

#2 Not everything will be romantic

Just get used to the fact that some things just aren’t going to have that romantic serene flow, at least in the common sense of the word “romantic”. We personally believe there is some deeper bonding involved when rushing for a bottle of water to the nearest shop at midnight when your partner crawls to your hotel room off drunk, but maybe that’s just us to think so.

#3 Divide your packing space equally

Avoid acting too ignorant when packing your stuff for a trip. Always be responsive and liable for preparation. Just because she’s a girl does not mean she deserves the biggest part of the suitcase. Couples who travel together claim that sharing packing space does a few good things – it makes lovers collaborate, keeps you both aware of all the needed items (if something goes missing), gives you both a spiritual charge and makes you both more open-hearted.

#4 Share out responsibilities

This point seems obvious, however, it is an absolute requirement. If you find yourself good at orienting, manage all the map work. If your other half is the one who can sniff out great discounts or has an inner flair for finding cool spots to visit, get them onto that. Let everybody do their job.

#5 Keep track of money but don’t obsess

If your relationship is of that kind where it’s always defined as to who is responsible for what (if one partner earns more money, for example), then this is something to work on before going on a vacation getaway.

Divide expenses in a way that is optimal for each one of you. But remember to be gentle and polite while doing it. Have a discussion regarding budget and the possible spending before you leave and re-think it if things go different once you get to the destination.

#6 Vacation arguments stay the same

The rules often stay the same even if the surroundings are different. It is actually far more important for both lovers to treat each other with all due respect while on vacation, as they are in a totally foreign country without their usual support of familiar places. Even if your argument causes are entirely different, most likely it will be about the same stuff you usually fight about.

#7 Be in each other’s comfort zones

If both of you has completely different thoughts and expectations about travelling, which is a very common thing, consider evading huge fights and then try to compromise. For instance, your man loves to wander the city streets and often gets lost and you prefer to go sightseeing and visit some cultural landmarks. Be prepared to swap your comfort zones and make some kind of a combination of your two travelling styles.

#8 Have some time alone

Breaking news: you don’t have to be around each other each day, every day. Even a short trip to the souvenir store, while your partner decided to take ease on a sofa in the hotel room can be completely legit.


#9 Don’t get into attractive tourist traps

If a place you go to is a common tourist attraction, there are high chances that it will:

  1. a) be expensive  
  2. b) won’t justify its hype personally for you.

This can lead to a serious disappointment. Watch out for some “tourist” traps.

Create your own romantic moments with some recommendations from the local residents. They always know some quiet spots for a lovely couple to enjoy each other’s company!

#10 Allow each other some freedom

It isn’t just an addition to the tip #8 as you might have thought. The point is that there’s a good chance as a couple to take a break for a bit. You may run around all day and night – museums, cafes, theatres and what not. Yet, consider allowing some time for each of you to go where he/she wants to go.


That’s it! Enjoy every minute together while on vacation and remember that people travel together not only to discover something new in this world but to get to know each other better. Thanks to our friends from Marry Brides for providing this article.

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