A Team Bravery Song (Undertale)

Hi guys!
All art in the video was skilfully made by SherlockBN. 😊
This song is for Undertale Amino’s Soul Olympic! If you want to know more about the Soul Olympics, JOIN UNDERTALE AMINO! I am HalaCG on Undertale Amino, so feel free to come and chat!
This song includes a few bravery quotes from online, see if you can spot them!
This song belongs to me, HalaCG. Please do not steal or copy my song. If you wish to remix it/animate etc, credit me please!
I hope you liked the song, subscribe, like and comment! 😅😃😅

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Comment (25)

  1. This is a great song ^^ but could you maybe put lyrics? It doesn't need to be in the video it could be in the description. Again, amazing song!

  2. Wow, great song!
    I like! 🙂

    P.S. Need text. Not necessarily in the video – it is possible in the comments or description. 🙂


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