American Psycho -Business Card Scene

An awesome scene from the awesome movie American Psycho. Sorry, no embedding: “Cannot enable embedding due to a content claim on this video.”

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  1. Brilliant scene and Bale is f great. The way he says his lines, the cold and complete psycho look he has in the end – its the reason you can't stop watching this scene. Its perverse and funny the same time.

  2. Notice that everyone’s card has the title of Vice President. They’re all just ‘suits’ competing with one another for perfection while fearing mediocrity. Even at the end of the film where Bateman confessed his crimes to his lawyer, he doesn’t recognize him or acknowledge his murderous rampage. In the end, even the most atrocious of crimes failed to set him apart from the rest of the crowd.

  3. I just noticed maybe he did this to get paul allen's number. I've watched the movie a few times cant remember how he gets Allen to go to the mexican restaurant

  4. amazingly, I've heard about this flick. Never actually saw it. But after seeing a few scenes, it looks like one of the best movies ever. Dammit why can't it be part of netflix or Amazon prime?

  5. I like how none of these guys realize they are giving different names for the SAME color when describing their cards. As if the miniscule differences they mention make them different from each other. They are shown to be all equally surface dwelling narcissists. Good Satire.

  6. Chrisitan Bale is f amazing actor, I love him since Empire of the sun. Underrated, because people focus on loud &shiny madmans, while Bale is underrated as Batman. Bale's acting in all his movies is based on nuances and subtleties,that elude the attention of the average viewer. He is such an original & versatile actor! But to know this you have to watch his independent movies not only Batman or American Psycho.

  7. Brilliant movie and masterpiece in its own right. And I'm glad its different from the book, because this scene was not like that – creepy & funny the same time – in the book. Bale is such a great actor. How cold, angry inside he looks here – his gaze at the end, is the reason why you can't stop watching this scene over&over !


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