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Etika’s Genocide – Etikas’s best reactions of Undertale

Here’s Etika’s best reactions to the events in UNDERTALE.

All Genocide Bossfights – Undertale

First Fight / Try dialoge and all bosses and minobosses on the genocide run. More in the Describtion The creepiest part: Papyrus Fight: 2:10 Undyne the Undying Fight: 5:46 Muffet fight: 12:07 Mettation NEO fight (very hard one) : 14:10 Sans fight: 15:52 Asgores fight: 31:07 If YOU wanna have a bad time: Genocide Route […]

UNDERTALE – Pacifist Playthrough – FINAL – With Determination

…we finally reach the end. So many feels. D: Undertale Website:

Undertale – Spear of Justice (Undyne’s Theme) [VGR Dubstep Remix] – GameChops

Download ► A remix of Undyne’s battle theme, Spear of Justice, by VGR! This epic dubstep remix of Undertale is epic! Check out VGR’s Channel ► ▾ Download This Remix ▾ Loudr ► iTunes ► COMING SOON Amazon ► Play ► COMING SOON Artwork by Gannadene ► ▾ GAMECHOPS on SPOTIFY ▾ ► ▾ SUBSCRIBE […]

Undertale (#28) The Secret Lab

It seems that Alphys was hiding a secret laboratory where the bathroom should be. Where’s the bathroom then? Next Episode: Previous Episode: Playlist: Support me on Patreon: Undertale is available to buy on Steam: If you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing to see more! Donations: – THANK YOU!