Can you Find Love while Traveling

Well, today I am giving you a rather sad and painful article. But I promised to comment on it, so – let’s get it started.

When people hear that I have been travelling solo for more than a year, they start asking me different variants of one question: have I ever dated somebody? The question is, usually, followed by another one, “Is it really difficult to go into a relationship while travelling?” and “Is it possible to find love when travelling?”

To tell the truth, it is really not that easy to go into a long-term relationship, when you are travelling all the time. It is the harsh reality and I learnt the hard way the value of dating.

A constant loneliness is one of the main disadvantages of long-lasting trips. It’s clear that I communicate with people, but these are shallow relationships. It takes a lot to develop a long, serious, and true relationship, being in motion all the time and cutting all the stays short. There is a crucial moment in the relationship of every traveller when either you or they need to leave. This is how travellers live, and it is normal. We don’t usually travel to find love.

Despite the fact that keeping a relationship alive during the trip is a tremendous business, it is quite easy to start one. A few years ago I was in Cambodia. While I was chatting with other backpackers, a small company of Swedish girls joined us. We locked eyes with one of those girls, and there we go… We broke up in Bangkok in 4 months and she went back to Stockholm. Another case happened in Australia during the Uluru tour. I had a great talk with a German girl. We were travelling for about 2 months in Australia. We were living together in Brisbon, and a year later we met again in Amsterdam. You see, it is possible to find love when travelling.

  • The conclusion is simple – it is easy to find love on a trip, but it is difficult to keep it. In all my stories, no matter how hard and how often we tried to meet and spend time somewhere together, we still could not keep the relationship work. Long-distance love works only for a short period. Then everything becomes pale: you meet new people, you visit new places, you talk less, and you feel the desire to talk to each other rarely.

Every day thousands of travellers all over the world say goodbye to someone and go further. Meanwhile, I would be lying if I said that it is impossible to find the love of my life on a trip. I know a lot of couples who are luckier than me. They met on a journey and decided to be together forever and ever. I have attended such weddings a couple of times. I know that many of you dream to meet their beloved, sitting on the beach in Bali or walking the streets of Paris. Many of us have this perfect picture on our mind. But in reality, everything happens in its own way: romantic plans crash because of some flight delays or other reasons. Where does that leave us, travellers?

Basically, like everybody else, we can live in the moment. Enjoy the person that is next to you, and try not to think far ahead. Just travel to find love. You build the bond very quickly when you are on a trip, regardless of whether the relationship is friendly or romantic. Most often you think neither about yesterday nor about tomorrow. Well, enjoy the company of the person who there for you, as long as possible, and then let it go. It does not matter whether you had 4 months in South Asia, or 2 weeks on the coast of Australia, or maybe a week in Amsterdam. Such relationships give travellers the opportunity to feel the true intimacy, without all this emotional confusion that comes to all long-term relationship. No baggage to carry. No dramatic breakups. You often remain friends with those travellers you were dating. No offence.

The relationship of two travellers, like any long distance relationship, is complicated. You face many challenges and have high chances of failure. However, if everything works out, then the relationship is doomed to success. It would be great to find someone and stay together for a long time. I would like to have a constant partner, travelling with me.

Perhaps, one day in some hostel I will find my “wingman”, and we will discover this world together. Thanks to our friends from  for providing this article.

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