Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Julius Boss Rush Mode in 3:40:93

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Ver. 1.1

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  1. Actually I think it's because he's older in DoS, but yes, he sure as hell is overly weak…At least we'll get to play as *spoilers* Richter and Maria *spoilers* in Portrait of Ruin…

  2. The problem with PoR is it's too repetitive. It's one of those games where you're dieing to beat it so you can just put it down. Try getting Aria of Sorrow if you want to play Dawn of Sorrow though, You'll love aria alot more if you don't play Dawn first. I beleive there is double pack that includes both AoS and Harmony of Dissonance. You might want to look for that. And to finish, PoR is the worst out of the metriodvania games.

  3. I know there's more then one belmont, but how
    many??? I alredy know leon, trevor, richert, and
    now julius. what other belmot were there???

  4. what do you mean by sonia(removed)??? which castlevania was sonia, soleiyu, and juste from and
    was there last names belmont???

  5. hmm this game's gameplay and all those things are pretty cool …….BUT WY IS THA SLIDING KICK SO DAMN CRAPPY MATAKUU!!!!11!!oneoen

  6. Game over nowadays, almost makes gamers think that they died. Game over simply means what it says.
    Boss rush is the game, and it is finished.


  7. death is the funnest boss. creaking skull is the boringest boss. and case you did not no…….um well….. when ur fiting graham wich hand sparkels that means hes gonna use that hand or both.

  8. To anyone that's saying 'Omg hacks you can't play as Julius' all you have to do is beat the game (The chaos way, read the 3 aincent books and use the souls described on graham, then go to the area in floating gardens beat Julius and move into the room to the left press up travel to the chaos realm beat chaos) then when you start a game enter Julius to play as Julius, Julius can only be used on Boss rush when you beat the game with Julius. Hope that clears everything up.

  9. if we can't beat the time, we must blame Death. he took too much time to laugh while transforming his scythe n to be warped out of the room when he died. sheesh…

  10. Alright, for those asking how to play Julius in Boss Rush mode:
    No, it's not impossible, and no, it's not a friggin' hack.

    Beat Soma's story with the true ending and you'll unlock Julius Mode and Boss Rush Mode. Complete Julius Mode and you can select that file for Boss Rush Mode.


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