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And that’s not all that the show offers with its one scene that shows the same boy dressing up as a girl and making a questionable statement. While being classified under the “comedy” genre, a FOX show merely produces an appalling sight for the viewers. Anyone legal can wear a bondage gag. However, you might find […]

10 Romantic getaway locations

Praying for a vacation to go on a romantic journey with your other half? Oh yeah! And if you both are already free from the dull workdays, you should start planning on picking a perfect getaway location right now! Deal, as long as you’ve got some spare cash and at least one free week, we […]

Can you Find Love while Traveling

Well, today I am giving you a rather sad and painful article. But I promised to comment on it, so – let’s get it started. When people hear that I have been travelling solo for more than a year, they start asking me different variants of one question: have I ever dated somebody? The question […]

10 Tips for couples travelling together

Traveling with a lover is always a splendid idea. But let us not pretend that it is such a sleek ride every time you go abroad. Couples that travel together may sometimes undergo quite a notoriously tricky experience, full of stressful situations, and polar opinions on whatever not and how much it’s necessary to pay […]