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– Undertale Sans Boss Fight – [Gameplay By AlphaLinker: Me] –

Thanks for watching. -definitely the hardest battle in the game. -this is so hard.

-[FanMade Undertale Theme]- CLIMAX ~ The Thirteenth Hour (Draikinator’s BOSS Chara’s Theme)

A Part Two For The Whole Boss Chara AU Theme Thing… I’d Remix This If I Could But…Honestly It’s Too Perfect The Way It Is Original Song : The Thirteenth Hour – Homestuck

-[FanMade Undertale Theme]- ERASE Everything ~ Megalo Strike Back (Draikinator’s BOSS Chara’s Theme)

A Remix Of Toby Fox’s Megalo Strike Back To Fit The Mood Of BOSS! Chara …This is like one of my favorite AUs…mostly because Chara looks steaming hot in it =w=

-UnderTale [All Boss] Pacifiste

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!! SPOILER !! – Undertale Final Boss (Neutral Run) | WiihawkLive

Am Freitag, den 15.04.16 war es soweit: der finale Kampf des “neutralen Runs” (auf dem Weg zum wahren Pazifisten-Ende) in Undertale stand an. Ein Endkampf, der mir alles abverlangt hat. Meine hier zu sehenden Reaktionen geben ehrlich gesagt noch nicht mal im Ansatz wieder, wie ich diesen Kampf empfunden habe. Trotzdem war es einer der […]

.:Speedpaint:. Undertale Sans – Boss Fight [genocide run]

intro video: full pic: music: Undertale OST РMegalovania Undertale ©Toby Fox

.:Undertale:. Part 16 | Nightmare Flowey

Here, we GET CREEPED THE HECK OUT BY FLOWEY OH GOD GET A PLUSHIE FOR THIS ONE. Also after this part is now gonna be the “true pacifist route” which is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. But don’t worry, we don’t see this boss again Game | Outro | Trent – LUV PUP