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(Chara) Stronger Than You Prank

SANS: FRISK: BETTY: eventually 😉 SO SO SORRY IT WASN’T PERFECT! I WAS IN A PUBLIC PLACE RUSHING TO DO IT SO SORRY PLZ FORGIVE THIS IS HORRIBLE ;3; Wow guys, u forced me to make another yet again! XD I need to post more often… Unfortunately, the person i pranked DOESN’T have a youtube […]

Creating Undertale Costumes for a movie

(I have no idea what im doing so any help will be appreciated

[Undertale Comic Dub] – Dumb Gaster

Chin up, Doctor Alphys, it’ll be okay…I guess. Well well well, it’s my fourth comic dub and I feel like I can’t stop. So I’ll make a playlist where I’ll put all my comic dubs. If you wanna see them, go to my channel, pals ! — My Channel : My Twitter : Author of […]

[AMV UNDERTALE] Bad time Ft Chi Chi (SANS and FRISK ver)

all those video was not make by me, i just merge, and cut they video to make this. if you like i can show you to the ORIGINAL VIDEOS and SONG on this link : SONG: BAD TIME: (PARODY OF GOOD TIME – OWL CITY) Ft. Chi-Chi – Undertale VIDEOS: a beautiful day – UNDERTALE […]


BEST BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE COMIC DUBS COMPILATION (Undertale Comic Dub) Submit your comic dubs, bendy and the ink comics via youtube inbox **CREDITS* DIRECTORS ORIGINAL VIDEO, CREATORS, DUBBERS, EDITOR : Comic by (Comic Artist Linked At Start Of Video) Comic Voice actors: Bendy Comic TV: Dark Box: Mr. Amazing VA: Stars Taco: COPYRIGHT […]

MUGEN: Good undertale characters vs poorly done undertale characters

Whats wrong with these characters you might ask? Underfell sans: Palette-swap of gameandwatch909’s sans edit Underfell chara: Palette-swap of Oddish Stuff’s chara Underswap papyrus: Spriteswap of Kor_Sans, and the sprites aren’t transparent Swapfell Sans: Palette-swap of Sanspool’s underswap sans, which in return is a sprite remake of oddish stuff’s underswap sans I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

Sans cosplay!!!!!!!

I did a sans cosplay! It took about 45 minutes to do the makeup on my face, and I was too lazy to do much else