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Old Man’s Cave with Kids

A short video of our trip to Old Man’s Cave in Ohio. This is video taken before I really knew what I was going to want to use it for so there’s a lot more moving video and hardly any dialogue. It’s an attempt at using what I had and making it somewhat interesting. Sorry […]

Mummy O Mummy – Eena Meena Deeka – Non Dialogue Episode #58

Foxie ends up kidnapping Eena Meena and Deeka’s mother and takes up her disguise. He comes to Eena Meena and Deeka’s home and they think it is their mother. But they soon realize the thruth..they now turn the tables on Foxie by making mother Foxie get screwed with all household chores. CLICK – SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, […]

50 Favorite Firefly Quotes (Reloaded)

I’ve reloaded my previous video without glitches, which means I’ve made a few small changes. The clips are still only roughly in order, though it starts at #50 and ends at #1. Of course, I own nothing, song or clips. Enjoy, and watch Firefly.

Undertale: Sans Battle – When you try your best

Buy the game! This video contains spoilers for the game Undertale! Consider playing the game first. Having trouble with this battle? I wrote a Sans guide: I did say spoiler alert, but the dialogue is too fast to read, so it’s arguably spoiler free. This was all done by hand at real-time. No shenanigans. After […]

[Undertale + Voice Acting] Napstablook…oh….

oh…I guess it’s time to hang out with Napstablook….awkward….. Voice acting done by me Sound effects taken from Undertale and Freesound Undertale was created by Toby Fox and it’s SUPER DUPER GOOD! Check it out on Steam! ========== Like my Work? =========== Share it and follow me elsewhere on the Internet, if you’d like! Twitch: […]

Zoo – Eena Meena Deeka – Non Dialogue Episode #1

Eena, Meena, Deeka visits a Zoo where they encounter the ever hungry Bhukkad. A chase begins, which takes place ta various parts of the zoo, during which Bhukkad encounters an ire of a lion, rhino, elephant and other various animals. Watch this story to find out how an elephant plays with Bhukkad. What happens to […]

UNDERTALE Blind Gameplay Playthrough PART 8 – VS Mad Dummy Boss, Napstablook Ghost Music, Snail Race

Start Here Please! – UNDERTALE – Part 1: LAST EPISODE – Undyne Waterfall Chase, Music Puzzle, Annoying Dog – PART 7: NEXT EPISODE – VS Undyne Boss Fight, Temmie Village Shop, Monster Kid – PART 9: UNDERTALE Playlist: Hey! I’m Adam (aka Swimming Bird) & I play games every day. I’ll try my best to […]