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(SPEEDRUN) World Record – Undertale (Any%/Neutral Ending) in 1:07:27

Stupidly good ruins, average Snowdin, bad waterfall, decent Asgore, perfect Flowey Catch a run live at

(World Record) Undertale Speedrun (True Pacifist Ending) in 1:48:16

Not sure if I’ll ever beat this again, at least not with current strats. Second half was literally golden People in voice call were PinkDreemurr, xtrical, and Jellobeaver Catch a run live at — Watch live at

[ANIMATION] Stronger Than You Undertale Parodies In Order (Sans/Chara/Frisk/Papyrus)

Welp I accidentally Deleted the old discription for this…… Woops if anyone remembers it please tell me xD I just wasnt to add that i OWN NONE OF THIS CONTENT!! all respect goes to the original creators!!!!

[Fanmade Ending] Undertale: SAVE Chara

Animated gifs by: Sound and music put together by me Music/Sound Effects: Undertale by Toby Fox Music used: Undertale OST- 028 – Premonition Undertale OST- 071 – Undertale

[PC] Undertale – True Pacifist Ending Speedrun (1:54:33)

This run confirms that 1:53:XX is possible. Just need to get a godly… everything!

[PC] Undertale – True Pacifist Ending Speedrun (2:12:51)

I think ideal with these strats can hit sub-2:10:00, but that’s just me. — Watch live at

[SpeedPaint] True Pacifist (Undertale)

–CHECK THE DESCRIPTION!!!– The best ending of the best game :’3 I’m always crying, seriously XS Art: Time: 2h 12min Program to use: Paint Tool SAI Tablet: Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch Music: – Undertale – His Theme (Orchestral Mix); – Undertale – Heartache (Orchestral RemixArrange); – Undertale [Acoustic Remix by NyxTheShield]; – Undertale Ost – Last […]

[spoilers] Both Soulless Pacifist Endings – Undertale

These are the two ending scenes when you complete a True Pacifist run after selling your soul, post-genocide. The first is if you choose to stay with Toriel, the second is if you choose not to. Game: Undertale Dev/Publisher: tobyfox Platform: Steam

[Spoilers] Undertale – An Alternate (Fan Made) True Ending

Based on the awesome RP blog I reuploaded it because I hated it too much. Now I’m slightly happier with it. This should go without saying really but this is fake, I make no attempt to hide that.

[SPOILERS] Undertale Neutral Ending – Spared Papyrus

Requirements: – Killed Toriel, Undyne and Mettaton PAPYRUS WHY!! You’re so sweet and naive ♥ He misses his friends hhhnnnn ;n; Also, I think he’s a great ruler… despite the loss of hope you created.