Cave Story Arranged – Last Battle (Ballos Mix)

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Throughout the 19th, I’ll be posting some fan favorites of one of my biggest arrangement projects of 2014.

Notes about this track:
This is what you get when a vengeful spirit of flesh and blood tries to destroy an island riddled with a terrible crown. A culmination of Mimiga Town, Eyes of Flame, Geothermal, Gestation, Meltdown 2, and even Gravity make special little segues in this grand finale of a mix.

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  1. Hello again, Calamity enthusiasts!
    As you may have already seen, "Scourge of The Universe" is now complete. Give it a listen here:
    I'll be taking some time to purge Calamity comments here, as they aren't exactly relevant to Cave Story. Really sorry about this decision, but I hope you understand.

  2. Imagine a time where sombody from about 3 years from where this was created is still watching this non stop

    I do 👁 W 👁

  3. I pity ballos, i REALLY do. Betrayed, tortured, driven to madness, then sealed away, only wanting the release of death, but too mad to kill himself.

  4. It took me 4 months to finally beat Ballos. The only thing that kept me going was the music. When I got on the game it took me two tries

  5. A lot of people told me that I should play this game. After hearing your remix I decided to play it. THANKS, DM DOKURO! THANKS!!!

  6. To me, personally, this song would play from the perspective of all those whom Ballos' killed while they (as ghosts) cheer on Quote and Curly during the battle (even though they probably know the two robots can't hear them…).

  7. Don't mean to like.. I dunno… Plagiarize or anything, but I can imagine this being my theme

  8. Finally a remix that treats the theme like it's a final boss battle. Gees, there are SO many remixes that bring the song's pace to a crawl, terrible.

  9. The only part that bothers me about this is that there is boss theme 2 in the beginning. I know its used in the 2nd phase of the fight, but this is supposed to be Last Battle. Also boss theme 1 is there too. This is supposed to be Last Battle


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