Control Halsey Lyrics

Control by Halsey. From her new album BADLANDS. Comment, Rate, and subscribe for more videos! I DO NOT OWN THE SONG. Buy Halsey’s album today on Itunes! BADLANDS (Deluxe) By Halsey

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  1. Listening to this on the bus..with no headphone…across from me are two little boys maybe 11? Anyway the part where she said " and all the kids cried out please stop your scaring me" the boys looked over at me weird and then I turned the volume up looked creepily at them and then this " got damn right you should be scared of me." came on and then the boys got so scared..😂😂😂 so now when I'm on the bus they sit VERY far away from me…. Anyway thx for listening to my tale how's ur day going??

  2. I'm surprised no one mentioned it, but I thought the meaning of the song was obviously about anorexia. I can relate to each of these words that's how I know.

  3. I dont have a deadly disease but I do have a weird disease. I can't stop watching this! HALP

  4. All the people saying that they relate to this song or that this song represents them probably don't know what the meaning of it is

  5. Cool song, even if i'm nice, if say so myself, the song still represents a part of my personality at times, but I'm not mean maybe I just seem a mean to others at times but I'm not

  6. "They send me away to find them a fourtion a chest filled with dimonds and gold" V.s me: are they pirates? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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