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Shibe being a good boy

sorry i couldn’t provide edit today, hope u enjoy this happy shiber. Discord: Source: Hope you enjoyed this. I don’t own this, I just put the videos together, subscribe for more shiba inu. Thanks to this guy lol ShibeNation Shiba Inu Shibe Doggo Shibster. chapter IV has started with a new series. watch this first […]

Underfell – It’s showtime

This took me a couple of days to make. I hope you all like it. The It’s showtime theme you heard was made by me. All the Alphys, Mettaton, and Frisk sprites were made by me. The Flowey sprite was made by schelebro. If you want to use the It’s showtime theme I made, ask […]

SpongeTale Patrick AU Themes (READ DESC)

Credits: Cosmic Block Spongetale: knochen9988iii Spongefell: Tanalok OuterSponge: Dialogue RoboSponge: Alex (Flora/Gang) Deformity: LuigiOdayaka55 Toontale: Nina Tendorian (can’t find link) SpongeSwap: SoundFont Disbelief Spongebob: LuigiOdayaka55 SpongeSwapFell: XkarmaX SpongeSpin: Kibo Bibulus.Exe: TheSunGlass

MBT – La VERITE sur GASTER ~ Part.1 : Fragments – Undertale (666) [avec Enzoul]

Voilà le début de ma trilogie sur la solution que je propose au mystère de Gaster, après 9 mois de recherche intensive, accompagné d’Enzoul ! Les parties suivantes sortiront aussi vite que possible (j’avais annoncé 2 jours d’écart à la base mais ça va être difficile, ça prendra le temps qu’il faudra.. mais largement moins […]

Drawing closer to the Guru – Dada & Ruzbeh in conversation

How can one get closer to the Guru? What is the significance of this inner circle? Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani answers, in the continued conversations with Ruzbeh Bharucha. The full conversations are compiled now in the book – Conversations with Dada Vaswani – a dialogue between a Master and a seeker, covering a range of […]