Spoilers for 5×11: Whatever Happened, Happened.

After watching this ep I was compelled to make a video about it. FINALLY something has happened in the show that I wanted to happen; Aaron is with Carole, where he’s meant to be AND Kate is going back to the Island for Claire; thank God! Anyway; I thought this ep was incredible and was so good at showing how Kate taking Aaron was as much about her being selfish as it was about him needing her. Plus, we got to see Carole again 🙂 And even though she sometimes sounds British and not Australian: I’ll let it go because I think she’s awesome 🙂 Anyway; this video doesn’t really have a story or a point; it just shows Kate’s journey with Aaron with a few other things thrown in. I hope you like it!

Summary: “When you’re ready…he’s waiting for you.” – Kate Austen, 5×11.

Song: “Dialogue” by Rosie Thomas.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not made for profit. No copyright infringement intended.

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant. It is so well done.

    Totally about Kate and her side of things.. No what man does she love best …. makes a refreshing change.

    The ending with Claire's voice echoing with her request.. catch a falling star, that brought tears to my eye, hope Kate finds Claire alive 😀

  2. Oh My dear lord……..
    Even though I hate Kate for taking Aaron (sorry I just do!) I am loving this vid! The Catch a falling star bit at the end was just perfect!
    Kate was sweet in season 1 & 2, before she started the mess around with the boys, and taking Aaron was just… wrong, even though I do understand why she did it.
    This was absolutely amazing 5 stars!

  3. I am not a Kate fan but I was so glad for this episode. Kate finally did the right thing after 5 seasons. Now I just want her to find Claire.

    Now that I've said that, this is probably the best Lost video I've ever seen. It was just perfect.

  4. I think that woman wasn't innocent, she had this look that made me think she was trying to take him.

  5. woow,this is amazing! beautiful job!
    but what's the name of the song that sounds after catch a fallin star?? I cant found it!

  6. Oh my god :'( I love this episode. This video absolutely exemplifies the strong points of it.


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