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Undertale [True Pacifist] Finale – DETERMINATION

The end. Read below for time skips. * Note: After the final boss, I backtrack to the very beginning of the game for a secret. If you want to skip the walk and NPC dialogue, here’s a button: 01:12:45 For those who want to skip the walk back to the credits, here is another button: […]

[SPOILERS] Undertale Neutral Ending – Spared Papyrus and Mettaton

Requirements: – Killed Toriel and Undyne Woah there, now monsters are not only brainwashed, but those who dislike Mettaton disappear? Geez, that realy sucks. Reminds me of something from the 40’s… Meh, whatever, they’ll be fine.

Rockband – Your Best Nightmare – Undertale Custom chart

Reuploaded due to multiple Vegas fuckups…

Undertale Red – All endings

really fun game, I don’t have link anymore, but it’s easy to find it on youtube 😉 also, if you want to feel like a monster, try the Betrayal ending, it’s WAY worse than Genocide T.T times : 0:00 – 1:35 – Joke ending 2:14 – 5:52 – Fighting back ending 6:24 – 12:11 – […]

Undertale – Post-Genocide Genocide ending (‘DO NOT’ chosen)

Recreate and then destroy this world? I don’t think so… (Spoiler warning) Buy Undertale: Demo version:

Indepth Undertale Critique and Review

Bring your wellies cause we going in deep and hard. Everything, from Pacifist to Genocide. I know this video is a long time coming and well overdue, but i hope it was worth it. This video is intended primarily for people who have played Undertale, if you havent already done so i’d recommend you do […]

[UNDERTALE] Sans and the Door: Bad Ending (Comic Dub/Spoilers)

Perhaps not the happiest of endings for Sans and Toriel. Original comic by @palidoozy-art on tumblr. Source: Images from Google and @palidoozy-art Music/Sounds: Undertale OST Merchandize: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Disclaimer: The contents of this video are a work of fiction, created for entertainment purposes.

Undertale – How to get the Pacifist Ending

Thumbnail source (Spoiler warning!): Music is from the Undertale release trailer: I made this because DAMN a lot of people get confused with how to get it and everyday there’s new people watching the playthrough that are playing the game themselves. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Of course, if it’s something that’s mentioned […]

Underpants – Normal Ending (Undertale Parody) REACTION! | NO…NO! |

We watch the video “Underpants – Normal Ending” by Sr Pelo. I haven’t had this much fun during an animation in a long time! Check out and support the amazing Sr Pelo! Original video: Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FAVORITE AND SHARE! Subscribe: Donations: Paypal (zalzaryoutube@hotmail.com) The Companion Shop: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Toodeloo! ____________________________ Intro […]