Fallout 2 dumb character’s dialog

Brief run through of the Temple of Trials, the conversation with the Tribe’s Elder, the first encounter with Kaga, and the very cogent conversations with Torr. All this using a character with TWO Intelligence!

BTW, if you want to learn more about this or you want to laugh like mad, read the really, really awesome write up someone did on the Let’s Play Archive:

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  1. And yet that dumbass chosen one still managed to single handlely destroy the enclave base in California O_O

  2. He had 9 luck… so he had great chances to do that.

    Why 9, but not 10? Well, 9, because that one point lacking was representing that unfortunate coincidence which made him a cheese-brain.

  3. LMAO @ 5:34. holy shit fallout 1 & 2 are truly two of the best games of all time.. nobody else comes close to putting this much detail and attention into their games anymore.

  4. Best news of all, Obsidian (lots of former Black Isle employees) are doing an old school cRPG – Project Eternity, which will apparently include the "dumb" dialogues as well! Huzzah!

  5. Actually, thinking about it, a dumb character might enhance the story, as a dumb character would be more affected by the loss of innocence from the people and environment of wastelands than one who is intelligent

  6. I didn't try it all the way, but I believe you can finish the game as a dumb character… you don't really level very high due to no quests, but it's still doable.

  7. I'm honestly astounded how anyone could possibly put their trust in someone gone full retard to do something that complicated. Then again, George Bush was president…

    That being said, the Fallout games, and Arcanum (made by the same people) all had the 'idiot character' route put in. I played Arcanum entirely with the dumb character. Yes it did limit what you can do, but it did make it interesting on how impressed some people with how a moron could accomplish so much.

  8. The devs on this game really understood the value of being able to use any focused character build to actually b eat the game to completion, but the real problem was the reliance on INT to give you more skill points per level severely crippling a less smart character. They changed the curve in New Vegas so even a dummy could get enough points to do SOME things well enough, but, the dialogue was lacking sorely and you never really got the feeling like in Fallout or Fallout 2 that you were truly a mental invalid and that people wouldn't even want to associate with you, or would treat you like a "special" person, because you weren't on the level. Me hope Project Eternity does good this, me likey be different. Me not dumb, me allocate skill points different! LOL

  9. -Torr like None! Torr thank. Bugmen bad, no let bugmen eat moo-moos!

    Best dialogue in game history.

  10. If Bethesda applied this intelligence system to Fallout 4 and if a player set the intelligence to 1 at the beginning of the game, Shaun probably wouldn't be the father/leader of institute….


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