Fills You With Determination: An Undertale Fantasia

Original Composer: Toby Fox
Arranged for ICGSO by: Griffin Charyn, Anna Marcus-Hecht, Alec Miller, and Ian Wiese
Conducted By: Mitchel Wong

From the Spring 2016 Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra concert, in Ford Hall

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  1. This just all sound amazing and cool, I'm also very impressed that some, even tho aren't major-music kind of people they are still part in this project
    I find it hard to focus on the notes I'm playing when there's other music playing at the same time, then again I did started a few weeks ago

  2. 惜しいところがたくさんありますが、楽しそうで何よりです。


  3. 素晴らしい演奏をY tubeで観れる。これでCDとかで聴く演奏だったら文句が出ても仕方ないと思う。

  4. やばいやばいやばいやばいやばいやばいやばいやばいやばいよ、やばすぎてやばいって、やばいって字がゲシュタルト崩壊してくるくらいにはやばい

  5. As an alto-clarinetist for one year during high school (violist/violinist for most of my life I wanted to try something new), I had some impressive chops for my inexperience, having played Jupiter during my time, as well as several very lively Aaron Copland pieces and managing to nail them. I could not imagine going for an hour plus playing this kind of intricate piece at the end. It's amazing that they're able to feel their faces at all. HUGE kudos from arrangement to performance.
    Makes me wish I still played. I'd love to be a part of an orchestra/ensemble again.

  6. "It's raining somewhere else" Was my favorite, and waterfall, AND spear of justice, AAAAND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! :DD This was amazing!!!!!

  7. To everyone saying that they didn’t do it well: I am a violinist and so I can say that this is a great piece, and they did AMAZING. I seriously am going to ask my Orch. Director if we can do something from Undertale! But it’s very hard to play perfectly, especially if you’re being recorded. A lot of people (including myself) have a nerve that leads me to doing really bad in either singing, dancing, or playing the violin while I’m being recorded. So who knows, maybe it was just bad luck. 😉 TO PERFORMERS: YOU DID AMAZING DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS 😉

  8. ところどころミスは多いしメロディがベースとかにかき消されてほとんど聞こえない…好きな曲だからこそもっとしっかり演奏してほしいという気持ちも強い。


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