Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis – Ardyn Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)

Ardyn boss fight in Episode Ignis Final Fantasy 15 DLC on PS4 Pro 1080p HD 60fps.

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FF15 FFXV Final Fantasy XV Ardyn Boss Battle

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  1. Ardyn is truly the best! He is so cool & funny at same time. He just play with his enemies, like toys, without even trying to kill themXD

  2. The only problem i had with the DLC is this boss theme is too upbeat and postitive.. i want a darker one like Ravus's boss fight cause in this situation Iggy sacrificed his eyes and risked his life to fight Ardyn who wouldn't even use his full force so its a losing situation not a winning one.

  3. I just love that pure look of hatred that Ardyn gives Ignis once he activates the ring. Yet another person has claimed the power that should have been his, yet this one was not of royal blood.

  4. First they gave each party member an episode and now it's this asshole's turn? This should be interesting.
    Unlikely, but I hope they give a turn to noct's temporary allies a shot to see what they've been up to for the past decade.

  5. As much as I like Ardyn as a villain, I am super confused as to why he would try to kill Noctis if he needed him alive to succeed?

  6. I’m stunned that some people are complaining of bad acting in scenes where there is fantastic acting and poor editing 😂

  7. Gladiolus stop for seeying Ravus when passed for he …. Only not screaming for Ravus, because Ignis was proxim the death in the floor … But…He staying there…seeying Ravus get out … Some things i not understanding in Gladiolus…He is very …Undecided *>_<

  8. I love how Ignis and Gladio potray different kinds of characteristic.

    Ignis clearly does not want Noct to sacrifices himself and that is why he is the want who wanted to wear the ring and asked Noct if he could stop the journey because he lost too much.

    Gladio in the other hand wanted Noct to accept his fate no matter how. He wanted to Noctis to do what he supposed to do and he left Noct with no choice but to be ready and sacrifices himself.


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