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  1. Amen Amen Preach man Preach all things are possible through Christ our savior we will prosper and win for together we are many and out number then buy first and foremost we have God on our side

  2. The key for success is LOVE and with love we can see with clarity the false matrix where we have been living, we have the power in the vibration of LOVE and see each other with love and compassion instead of separated for religions, race, social status, etc. This message is a great example, thank you.

  3. Most listen to this message and still wake up want to do the same things with the expectation of changes. The message is a about unity not "Christ". I never heard a Christian teach unity, never. Government control us simply because they are unified!
    Wake up!!!!! Are you that dum to believe in a man (Christ) that hears and knows your pain and ignoring you for over 400 hundred year? Think!!

  4. Remember the Vikings?, you are the decendants of them, they never worship no Christ. Every race have a decendants of great ancestory. The same Bible tells you," honor your mother and father" . Honor your great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandmother. If you don't get this, you are still heavily indoctrinated.

  5. Charlie Chapman barely speaks his entire career, this is what was closed up in his voice….
    The whole speech makes the hair stand in edge, than he throws in the last line about Democratic Unity. The Democratic Unity has been one of the most elaborate division venture to every touch him man history. I mean look at American Democrats today! IE; the Clinton Criminal Network. Wasn't the least bit surprised to learn Obama was a huge additive to that mess! Party Divisions, Cultural Divisions, Racial Divisions, Sexual Divisions. The Divide and Conquer, And Order Out Of Chaos…. It's been working like a charm for the Greedy for a Very Long time!

  6. truly something sinister afoot when such a speech can be applied to today's world & mentality. as a child watching this I didn't understand. as adult, I fully do.

  7. this is beautiful in its sincerity, "Do not despair-the misery that is now upon us, is but the passing of greed" pass greed we dont need your help anymore, tyrants help only hurts….please brothers and sisters of our military, be true to yourself and honor the oath you took!! signed unarmed innocent civilians.

  8. Charlie Chaplin's speech in many ways is an inspiring cry for humanism. Just a pity it includes a misguided reference to religion, the cause of so many of our problems.

  9. Finally someone else appreciates this absolutly moving speech from Charlie Chaplin my favorite part of this movie this great man made this an unforgettable experience for me

    PS. Democracy was invented to enslave you, it was invented by the Greeks. I agree with most of the stuff Charlie stated in this speech, however.


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