Idiots Recreate Meet The Spy (Derpy Sponge’s Perspective)

(There’s supposed to be an annotation on ChronoScome’s freeze cam, but then the end screen thing hates me.)

And fail horribly.

Yeah so I met this guy named “ChronoScome” and since I have the Pyroman voice mod, he did happen to say a quote from it, and then a little fun was had until I figured out that you can throw sappers. Then this happened.

Music besides the obvious right behind you with vibrato:
Victory! Cloud – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Mods (not all of them) shown here (Don’t judge me!):

TF2 HUD In a shellnut:
Original version:


2fort Nyan Cat Screen:

Power Star Intel:

“See” shotgun:

Mountain DEW! bottles. (Rancho Relaxo)

Flying Ragdolls:

Coca-Cola bottle:

Conga Jam (I couldn’t find the one with the backpack icon, so have a similar one.):

I own no copyrighted material used in this video, they all belong to their respective owners.

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  1. first of all, what recording software, second of all, what editing software. This is a gorgeous piece of work.


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