If Cuphead Bosses Had Undertale Music And Remixes (World 3)


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  1. On stupid robot you no have credits/link me mad u sufffer the ccccccccvvvvvcccccconcccccccecccccouuuunnnnnsessssss

  2. My choices is
    The Root Pack – Ghost Fight
    Goopy Le Grande – Wrong Enemy
    Ribby and Croaks – Song That Might Play when You Fight Sans
    Hilda Berg – Death By Glamour
    Cagney Carnation – Finale
    Baronnes Von Bon Bon – Spider Dance
    Djimmi The Great – Bergentrück + ASGORE
    Beppi The Clown – DUMMY!
    Grim Mathshick – Heartache
    Wally Wrables – Bonestroule
    Rumor Honeybottoms – Hopes and Dreams
    Captain Brineybeard – Spear of Justice
    Wener Wermam – Death Report
    Cala Maria – Battle Against a True Hero
    Dr khals Robot – Metal Crusher
    Sally Stangeplay – Power of NEO
    Phamtom Express – Amalgam
    King Dice – Megalo Strike Back
    The Devil – Megalovania

  3. I have a suggestion!!! King Dice should be your worst nightmare!!! and the casino bosses should be the souls RESONATING from your worst nightmare!!! and the Devil should just be Hopes and Dreams cause we're recovering the soul contracts and fulfilling everyone's Hopes and Dreams : Defeating the Devil

  4. My opinion
    Rumor HoneyBottoms:Its Great
    Dr. Kahl:It should have been Metal Crusher
    Captain Briney Beard:Blends right in
    Cala Maria:Ngaaaaaahhhhh
    Werner Werman:Perfect
    Sally Stage play: Beautiful
    Phantom Express:10000000000%

  5. Am I the only who knew that Sally’s music was from undertale the musical. Or am a lonely potato? 🥔🥔

  6. cala maria should be spear of justice then when she transforms to medusa you should put da battle agains a true hero… but you did good thicc toad plays


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