IS THIS THE END? | OneShot – Part 6

I can’t believe we’re here already… I can’t believe I have to make this choice…
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Comment (21)

  1. Since tomorrow it will have been one year since this episode I’m lowkey hoping on the slim as fuck chance that he’ll continue playing very soon. I know the possibility is basically non-existent but still it would be nice

  2. Aw I feel so bad for Niko, I mean they saved the world that they were in, but at the same time Niko can't go back home. It was obvious that they missed home, and it's just so sad. I mean if you were Niko what choice would you make? To save a world you are not from, or go home feeling bad that you let that world die?

  3. Okay, I know I'm late – as always – but I want to say that even though it took me some time really warming up to the game, once I started fully understanding the story I was hooked. I've been watching this Let's Play pretty much all my free time the last couple of days and… I am so impressed. And emotional.
    It was kind of obvious that it would come down to this decisions, it had been ever since Mark said it after the thing with Maize but it didn't spoil the ending. I actually really love foreshadowing like this, when it's done really well.
    So, thank you, Mark, for playing this game and letting us be a part of this experience with you.

  4. Maybe the Entity wanted to die because it's tired of having to tear kids away from their homes and families…Maybe it feels guilty because its job is to take these people from everything they know and put them in a situation where they're forced to sacrifice their lives for the sake of another world. A world that the Entity doesn't think is real enough to deserve to continue.

  5. Ya know what?
    Just so I know when he does Solstice… I'm subbing.
    I know he's got 20 million something subscribers, but…
    This was fun to watch him do, and I wanna see him go thru the best ending.
    See you then, Mark.

  6. "I thought I was alone for a while there! I couldn't hear your constant talking!"

    Also, props to Mark for guessing that the World Machine the Entity doesn't think it's tamed.


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