MegaMan Legends 22 City Hall

MegaMan Legends Original Soundtrack

22-City Hall
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All credit to Capcom. I just made the video.

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  1. Did you know that in the mayor's room you can see a (very pixelated) photo of NYC? You can just barely make it out, but it's a very famous picture of New York being seen from a helicopter flying down the side of the island. You sort of have to squint to make it out, but when you use it Megaman says it's a picture of Kattlox (or however you spell it).

  2. @sircoolvideos Japan always target their own audience first. The again, there could be a Japanese, an European, and a North American version for all I know. I'm in Sweden so I obviously played the EU version.

  3. It makes sense. Japan, like most countries, knows American culture very well.

    There are a lot of references to American culture in MML1. In the first game, there's a reference to Frank Sinatra, the spice girls, and multiple other western culture icons.

    In the second game there's a quiz that's filled with questions having to do with things from all over the world, such as many American bands (questions like when a certain album came out) to questions about things like the French revolution.

  4. All of that are things you can easily find on google or other similar search engines, doesn't require any deep cultural understanding at all.

  5. ..Lol I'm just saying it's not like they're completely blind to use. They know what NYC is and could use a picture of it, just like we know what Tokyo is and could use a picture of it.

    Everyone references eachother's culture all the time. Saying "it doesn't make sense because they're japanese and that's not japanese" is just silly. It's not like they live in an isolated little box.

  6. Sure, they reference western culture because west was it's intended audience, but that doesn't say they know much about western culture. I could say that Americans made the panama canal, invented airplanes, fought in WW2, had Spice Girls, Queen, and their presidents has their faces on a mountain but that's stuff everybody knows, I still don't understand americans and I probably never will.

  7. What I understand is that referencing stuff that you can easily find on the internet or that pretty much everyone knows is not equal to understanding the culture of half the world or knowing what the respective countries think, and if you're gonna talk down to me then you can piss off.

  8. I'm pretty damn sure when Capcom was creating this game, they didn't go to google and type in "Stuff from america"

    They understand us, and know parts of our world, as we know parts of theirs. I don't know where you're getting the idea that every country is just completely ignorant of eachother.

  9. No shit, because CAPCOM IS FUCKING AMERICAN! It's their home country. If this was developed in Japan, and I have no idea if it were, guess where the japs got their info from? And I never said anywhere that countries are ignorant of each other, so either you got the wrong address of you're projecting so hard so you could hold a powerpoint presentation. All I said that everything this games references to US is not deep cultural understanding and is not a big deal.

  10. At first I thought you knew what you were talking about, so I humored you. Now I realize you're just fuckin' braindead. Capcom is a Japanese company, you incredible moron.

    This WAS developed in Japan. Now I see why you think the other countries must be completely ignorant of eachother's culture. It's because you're just completely ignorant yourself.

  11. Get your facts straight, nerd. Capcom began in US and the branch in Japan eventually became the world wide Sega that we know today. I know exactly what I'm talking about, but you don't.

  12. Just like the game itself, I feel like there's something incredibly insightful behind this song…I feel like it's this music track specifically that exemplifies the ominous atmosphere of this interesting game…

    It's the most foreshadowing of all the tracks and subtly showcased the range of emotion this game could exhibit, and it clued me in that the plot was about to get intense-!!

    What an outstanding gem of a production.
    The team that worked on this, as well as the film teams that inspired it, should be very proud~

    This game and Majora's Mask have a very ominous atmosphere to them that has yet to be surpassed to this day, and I love 'em for it~


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