Omin Dran raps about Acquisitions Incorporated @ Pax East 2016 (EDITED)

Jerry Holkins drops some hot bars on “D&D Live with Acquisitions Incorporated” at Pax East 2016.

An awesome close to an awesome show. Watch the whole stream on Twitch.

I don’t own the source video. Footage was taken from the Twitch VOD:

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  1. Acquisition
    Making an incision with precision
    Choice cuts,
    such that quality abuts
    Fillet MinionAxe grip?
    Tight as a pinion
    And for women?
    Dwarven stamina
    plus a low center of gravita'
    is a win-win!Jim from New Hamp
    gets 'em too dampHe ends friends
    He turns pals into pyres
    with his unfriendly fireHeater than a fever
    Hark, it's tragic
    but that's what you're gettin'
    when he's spittin' that dark, dark magicViari
    A player, like Atari
    Shows that 'O' face,
    that Van Gogh face
    like when a night gets starry
    If that's your girl, I'm sorry
    and if that's your man,
    well, he don't give a damn
    he came to partyOminifus Dran
    He of the limitless con
    ill syllabus,
    sicker than the liquor I'm onI'm the ribald, fly, scald (skald?)
    with the vanity plate that says "TRY BALD"I give foes a trip to the maul
    I flatten 'em,
    I turn gold into platinum
    I'm reverent as a Latin hymnWith holy fire,
    I blacken 'em crip
    nothing left but a wisp
    in a thick breeze
    I give the slip
    to a lord of the crypt
    like Lich, please
    I could regale
    with the tale
    of another great mission,
    but it's late
    and we must vacate
    this acquisition
    – Good night!


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