Overtime Genocide (Spare Engineer) Ending (No Commentary)

Thank You GermanPeter ;D
Made By GermanPeter :

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0:10 – its a beauty of a day outside
0:11 – the wind is howling
0:11 – the tumbleweed is Rolling
0:12 – and you my friend
0:41 – i know what youre thinking
0:42 – why is he stopping me only now?
1:00- well ill let you in on a secret
1:02 – i was instructed not to kill you earlier
1:42 – everytime you killed someone i received a call
1:43 – a voice told me not to intervene
1:44 – in return i received a really nice reward
3:06 – well until few moments ago
3:10 – when you killed that scout i didnt get anything
3:12 – so i took that as a sign that it was finally time to stop you

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  1. I realised something.

    Like Sans, Engie often walks the WRONG way to his destination as a shortcut. After you spare him, Engie walks off to his "interview" and goes the RIGHT way out of the hall, but really uses his teleporter shortcut to set up his trap.

  2. This is really evil when you think about it. In Undertale, you get dunked right away. In this game adaption(? whatever you want to call it), most people would save so they "don't have to fight him again". After that, you go into the next room to get dunked on. You get stuck, dying over and over again, unable to progress. Basically, he forces you to reset. No offence, but this might be a better dunk than Sans

  3. Plan for this game's Disbelief mod:
    An Overtime AU Fan Animation
    Disbelief!Jane by [NAME]
    Overtime by Lambco.
    Many Witnessless Route had been played over and over.
    The trespasser used to meet Jane at the last room of Thunder Mountain.
    But instead, she met an old friend that isn't supposed to be seen yet.
    Dell has gotten sick of seeing the trespasser killing his friends over and over.
    The trespasser started an another Witnessless Route again, and Dell was impatient.
    He don't want to see his buddy die again.
    So he keep Jane from arresting the trespasser.
    And took care of it himself.
    But he died.
    And Jane was now the only one to watch his friends die.


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