Salad Fingers 6: Present

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Salad Fingers receives a gift from an old friend.
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Music: Boards of Canada, Locust Toybox, Chris Gladwin

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  1. 'Sup McNuggs? Want to help me out with future projects so I can make loads sexy stuff and not have to make corporate crap to survive? Of course you do. Well then support me on Patreon – you'll be in my list of favourite people ever if you do. There are plenty of rewards in it for you.

  2. Most kids my age have improving and useful hobbies. I instead, stay in my room with all the shades drawn watching Salad Fingers.

  3. Jeremy Fisher.
    I thought you were out fighting the Great War. I’d like a word with you. I’m not one to make accusations, but this one’s cast iron. I’ve seen you tailgating my daughter with aspirations of deflowering her rose. I don’t make mistakes, comrade. This ones textbook. I never did get to sample the delights of your flavor.

  4. I like how salad fingers says “I don’t make mistakes, this one is textbook” insinuating that textbooks don’t ever have mistakes in them

  5. I believe that this is an alternate universe where WW1 (a.k.a The Great War) where the UK or the rest of the world was nuked. And everyone was killed or mutated, but Salad fingers was barely alive. This explains why he panicked at the little girl talking.

  6. If he's eaten Jeremy at the start of the episode where he gives salad fingers the horse. Why did he say that he never did get to sample the delights of his flavour at the end of the episode?!

  7. I feel that every Salad Fingers episode is like something from a child's nightmare. Everything is weird and the dialogue doesn't make sense but it's still scary even though you aren't entirely sure why.

  8. This series of animation makes me feel wierd. It s so creepy and strange, but its kind of charmful and makes me to watch next video… oh my, i will end up watch them all…

  9. What do you eat for dinner ? Brain or other thing. And one more thing how meny subscribers do you have FUCH YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how menu money do you have


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