Cuphead Blind First Playthrough – Struggling With All Of World 3

This was livestreamed over at my twitch channel If you leave a like or a dislike please leave a comment to say what you did or didn’t like so i can focus and improve in the future. My twitter:

Undertale – Pacifist LOADED Playthrough – Part 16 – Determination!! True Final Battle!

Determination!! Seriously, this is the final battle! At long last! And satisfying one at that, because it revealed many things! Next episode will be the last – Epilogue and backtracking, lol. I do want to talk to as many NPC as I can before ending the game for real. Game link : Part One : […]

Overwatch: BEST Funny Comic Dubs Compilation #16

Overwatch: BEST Funny Comic Dubs Compilation #16 ArcadeHive presents this best compilation of funny Overwatch comic dubs to you! Be sure to check out all of the Overwatch comic dub creators in this Overwatch comic dubs compilation: Check out all of the Overwatch comics/comic creators in this Overwatch comic dubs compilation: Check out all of […]


Le combat le plus difficile contre flowey, ça se passe dans Undertale, j’affronte enfin ce boss compliqué !! — 🐦 Mes réseaux sociaux: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: —

Touhou 16 – Hidden Star In Four Seasons Discussion With Yatsuzume (This Should Be Fun)

In this video, I do something a little differently. I’m having a discussion with another youtuber about Touhou 16. It’s my first time doing something like this. The closest was my interview with Fujiwara’s radio show. Hopefully you enjoyed Yats and I talking. Like always, I can’t wait to see you guys in the next […]

Surviving Undertale, Day 16

In which a date with Papyrus ends like so many dates I’ve been on. So many. Quote of the day: “This game took me some weird places. Emotionally speaking.”

Undertale AU! | EVERTALE | Part 16 | Lets Draw | Fan art

►Part 16 of the Undertale AU I have now named, EverTale. A big family reunion and Fiona, finally meets with her step mother again after so many years. Fiona’s step mother is happy to see her daughter grow up to be such a amazing woman letting her know the secret to defeating her step brother. […]

Handplates Part 16 (Undertale Comic Dub) (Season 2 Episode 7)

Check out the original! Music Used – Jigoku Shoujo OST 1 – 5.Jigoku Tsuushin Bloodborne OST – Terror Higurashi OST – Shinkou Max Richter – The Quality of Mercy Check out my tumblr for bloopers and memes: Check out my twitter where I also post bloopers and memes: Check out my patreon! : I also […]