The End – Undertale: True Pacifist Route – Episode 18 (FINAL EPISODE)

Thank you all so much for watching this series! I hope you enjoyed! Vote on the poll below if you want to see me do a Genocide Route playthrough or not! Poll: Also as of now this is the longest video on my channel! – I record my videos with Everyplay, QuickTime Player, or Upload […]

Kuroko no Basket 18+ Cosplay Q&A Panel @ Fanime 2016 Pt. 3/3

ok it’s all up!! (I feel so accomplished but I really shouldn’t after taking so long lol) (I was just the one filming the panel) Kise Ryouta –

A Baraga’s Quest – RPG Maker Challenge – Game #18

A game about a human-looking thing called a “Baraga” that gets cast out of Heaven(?) and is forced to try and find his way home. Rating: Dialogue: ½ Music: ★★ Gameplay: Graphics: ★ Overall rating: ½ The game was so big that I had honestly no idea where to go after the first maze. There […]

Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 part 18 – Now I have to fight Superman!

More Dragon ball Xenoverse 2. Superman back off! Dragonball Xenoverse is every Dragonball fan’s dream. Create your own custom character and punch Gohan in the face…. I mean… Save the Universe from evil. New DLC has recently dropped allowing you to play as characters from Dragon Ball Super. Like Cabba, Frost and Hit. Get all […]

The Furry Show | Episode 18

Thanks to the e621 community, for taking part in this (unknowingly, but still…) As well as you for watching. :3 This isn’t meant as disrespect for the website and it’s users, but merely humour. (Maybe I even inspired some of you virgins to check it out sometime) In any case, I just wanted to get […]

Let’s Play Undertale, Episode 18: A Date to Dyne For!!!

In this episode we awkwardly trained Alphys to go on a date with Undyne. Hope you all enjoyed the episode and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and comment if you did!!!