[Live RePlay] Undertale | Undyne The Undying | Part 7

Seriously, what’s your problem lady?! After everyone keeps talking and telling me I need to play Undertale, I took the time to finally do so. Let’s see how it turned out… If you enjoyed this, maybe give a like? It actually helps… somehow… Subscribe Please! ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Buy Stuff Here […]

Minecraft Hardcore – A Story: Chapter 7 (No Game, No Life)

Now that I’ve finished dropping off the face of the Earth I guess it’s time to upload a new video. This was mostly because of laziness and the fact that Splatoon 2 has eaten my life away like a cannibalized rabbit. Buuuut happy fun times! The gang’s all here! But some conflict shit happens! Huzzah! […]

SPIDER BOSS! | Undertale #7

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Undertale Plush : Ep. 7 – The Sleeper

Papyrus thinks Sans has a problem with sleep, cause he sleeps throughout the day. Today is the 2 year anniversary of Undertale! I made this episode today in honor of it! A video I made the other day about you guys either wanting Angry Birds, or Undertale, SCREW THAT. I watched a few Angry Bird […]

Slim Plays Undertale: Pacifist Run – #7. Give Nerds a Chance!

Warning: Just because the first, blind playthrough is over, still, try not to leave spoilers in the video comments or fixate on all the stuff I did wrong or all the stuff I didn’t do. This was still recorded a long time ago and not long after my initial run. Before we start heading to […]

GOOD ENDING | Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Part 17 [Full Game Playthrough]

In this episode of Resident Evil 7 on PS4, we take on Eveline to beat the game and get the good ending. More RE7 ► Get YuB’s vids EARLY ► Get Cheap Games (Affiliate Link) ► Become a YuBscriber! ► YuB Shirts ► OUTRO MUSIC IS “FLASH DRIVE” BY WAVE RACER MY GEAR (Affiliate Links, […]

STAY DETERMINED! : Roblox Undertale 3D Boss Battles – Determined 7!

heyyyyy! Glad you could make it!…. come here often? me neither! =D xD lol i had nothing else to do… so i just decided to finally record determined 7 .-. I’m still working on the Japhea animation. so thats gonna be what im working on for the next couple of days… and as always! Stay […]

Undyne’s Unending Underthrows – Undertale – Ten More Minutes – Part 7

Chris and Sam get past Papyrus and catch their first foreboding glimpse of Undyne, Papyrus’ superior. Along their path an actual Seahorse named Aaron flexes on the two. Frisk isn’t having any of it! Somehow Papyrus got the group’s number and gives them a call to ask what they’re wearing. What a creeper. An enemy […]

LOVE, KILLER ROBOTS & DEATH TRAPS!!! Undertale Playthrough Episode 7 Family Friendly

We continue our Undertale adventure! This episode I meet the awkward anime-loving Alphys and try to survive Mettaton’s attacks! Subscribe to join the Pings and earn your wings! Be sure to leave a Like and let us know what you would like to see next! Visit me on Instagram: Join me on Roblox: Watch me […]