Ichigo’s Determination/Happy Birthday Blaze66a – The Aftermath

This amv is for one of my greatest friends. Yall check out Blaze66a channel he Top Tier as well. Subscribe and sneak peak of Bleach final Arc to Come In Mid Jaunuary/Febuary. Comment rate Subscribe 😀 blaze66a: Author- Tite Kubo: Bleach Manga, Toyko 7 : Anime Songs: Gullotine the AfterMath Just Awake: Fear, and Loathing […]

[MMD Meme] Aftertale – Aftermath [Geno Sans]

exactly how I feel jkjk ===Credits=== Geno Sans Model by desuchan12 Sans, Frisk, Chara, Papyrus by ByChocolateCupcake Motion by Aisuruu Original meme by Alkifeather Song: Aftermath – Caravan Place. Background picture by me

Aftermath meme [Undertale Frisk]

Original by: Alkifeather ————————————————————— Deviant Art :

~Aftermath Meme~Underfell Sans~TYSM 4 100+ SUBS~

Er…here is another video for my lovely kawaii potatoes! ~Enjoy~ ~Credits~ Model: Motion:

Aftermath – MeMe (not the original)

This is a quick MeMe, I’m not very proud of it though. Also I know there’ll be those few people who think I’m super into undertale and based this character and its powers off of Sans but no, I made the character and even her powers long before undertale existed. DON’T ASK HOW THIS IS […]

Aftermath Meme (Undertale – Chara)

Animating is hard lol I luv my flower child. Poor Chara, they live a hard life ;-; animated this on MovieMaker and drew it all on FireAlpaca yush Original by Alkifeather

Aftermath Meme || Undertale

Like and subscribe my precious memesters! └@(・◡・)@┐ Chara isn’t evil. This was… genocide Chara. Genocide Chara is evil after you taught them to murder everybody in the genocide run. Basically 🙂 Please go visit the original meme made by Alkifeather! Programs used: Corel VideoStudio Pro X8 Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Don’t follow me on facebook […]

[Undertale] Asriel – Aftermath Meme

I’m not good at animations but I decided to try to work on one TwT Sorry if it’s too bad Original Meme by Alkifeather – Song by Caravan Palace – Undertale by Toby Fox – Video by me Welp, I tried ;3;