Ichigo’s Determination/Happy Birthday Blaze66a – The Aftermath

This amv is for one of my greatest friends. Yall check out Blaze66a channel he Top Tier as well. Subscribe and sneak peak of Bleach final Arc to Come In Mid Jaunuary/Febuary. Comment rate Subscribe 😀 blaze66a: Author- Tite Kubo: Bleach Manga, Toyko 7 : Anime Songs: Gullotine the AfterMath Just Awake: Fear, and Loathing […]

An Undertale Fan Animation

Well, this I will be fully animating along with more, but I just liked this part a lot. I always wondered why is turns to black and white when in battle, so I decided to make an animation about it. When the screen turns darker, it is supposed to be like they are “In battle” […]


Sorry this video isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I didnt have a lot of time to make it. But day 3 will be back to amazing! MERCH: GOT FAN MAIL??? P.O. Box 161014 Honolulu Hawaii 96816 United States **Please Help and Support Me to Continue Making Content** **My Second Channel** **SOCIAL […]

Nyan Neko Sugar Girls – The Movie

3 years in the making… All legit quotes I might add… Start your adventure NOW! Music: Asimov by Two Steps From Hell


Crunchyroll Premium free trial!! This is a paid advertorial thanks to Crunchyroll 😀 Subscribe to me! Snazzy 2016 Calendars Check out Nanalew’s anime guide which helped me find some of my favourite shows: Gaming: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: Handy links to the anime I talked about: Attack On Titan: Sword Art Online: Food Wars: Parasyte: […]

Cosplay Fun Times: Cosplayfest – Natsuyasumi 2016

(╯✧∇✧)╯*:・゚・゚CLICK FOR DESCRIPTION・゚・゚・゚✧ o(≧∇≦o) Hello My fellow Kookies! Welcome to another video called Cosplay Fun Times! Last weekend I went to a cosplay event here in Iloilo City called Natsuyasumi of Cosplayfest. It was a fun event because I get to meet my friends again and we did some random things. RANDOM THINGS. There were […]

Lolita Panda cosplay

Hey! Sorry it’s been a while. :3 As I said in my last video, I’m going to try and upload on wednesdays and saturdays from now on, once a week, if not both days. Some news, I actually have a decent recording studio now! We’re working on soundproofing soon. c: Stay tuned to my facebook […]

AX2017 Cosplay Meetups [Undertale, Vocaloid, and Overwatch] | Cosplay

Death by Glamor Remix: Overwatch Victory Theme: It was long, semi-stressful weekend, but Alan and I met some cool people and had fun posing and chatting and sharing a love for cosplay! These were taken over the course of 3 days. Soon I’ll have the full vlog of the weekend as well as a slideshow […]

[Boku no Hero Academia Cosplay] (Mafia Ver.) Saboten Con 2017 – Saturday Vlog

We had a blast tbh!! Feel free to follow us on social media! Instagrams: Midoriya – @cn_mei Todoroki – @airaeon Uraraka – @xyeflora Bakugou – @spadepokii Kirishima – @perenne.cos Denki – @mai_hime_hime Manager – @hyun.__.hyun GROUP: @zephyr_cosplay Instrumentals used: Wanna One – Energetic KARD – Hola Hola (instrumental remix by EDDIE KABA)

Psyduck Unleashed with Sans

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