When Bill Cipher and Kyo Sohma find Dubsmash… (Cosplay Crack)

This is madness! No… this is just what happens when Bill finds dubsmash and drags Kyo into doing it with him. Oh wait… that IS madness! XD Our first cosplay crack with Gravity Falls and Fruits Basket! Kyo Sohma: Usagi Hime Bill Cipher: Taijiya Omake Masters does not own anything but their cosplay and quirky […]

Lego Custom: Alphys (Undertale)

So I just used a duplicate Chima Lion head for her because I originally wanted to post a Lego Ideas set, it probably wouldn’t have worked out. Tagged: , Lego , Custom , Alphys , Undertale , Gaster , Undyne , Anime , Weeb , Weeaboo , Lizard , Dinosaur , Takes , Action , […]

The Greatest Scene of Space Dandy to Date.

I am happy to be alive to see it

Winter Shota Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Here is a cute little tutorial for all of you cosplayers out there! If you want more tutorials like this please let me know down below! I do not own any music in this video! You can also find me on instagram @thejaeminpop

Undertale high school anime opening

I might make this a joke series get ready

Ichigo’s Determination/Happy Birthday Blaze66a – The Aftermath

This amv is for one of my greatest friends. Yall check out Blaze66a channel he Top Tier as well. Subscribe and sneak peak of Bleach final Arc to Come In Mid Jaunuary/Febuary. Comment rate Subscribe 😀 blaze66a: Author- Tite Kubo: Bleach Manga, Toyko 7 : Anime Songs: Gullotine the AfterMath Just Awake: Fear, and Loathing […]

An Undertale Fan Animation

Well, this I will be fully animating along with more, but I just liked this part a lot. I always wondered why is turns to black and white when in battle, so I decided to make an animation about it. When the screen turns darker, it is supposed to be like they are “In battle” […]


Sorry this video isn’t as good as I hoped it would be. I didnt have a lot of time to make it. But day 3 will be back to amazing! MERCH: GOT FAN MAIL??? P.O. Box 161014 Honolulu Hawaii 96816 United States **Please Help and Support Me to Continue Making Content** **My Second Channel** **SOCIAL […]

Nyan Neko Sugar Girls – The Movie

3 years in the making… All legit quotes I might add… Start your adventure NOW! Music: Asimov by Two Steps From Hell