Armageddon Speech – Best Speech Ever

This is a speech in Armageddon. I do not own this video and don’t say that I do. This is Fair Use and can’t be flagged for copyright.


The skateboard guys’ spaghetti is gone! What will they do to get it back? Have they just discovered sharing???🙀anyways, MEOWPAW!

undertale fight. (Read the description) stop motion

This is stop motion studio the light blue is frisk the blue one is sans and the black pen is toriel

Honest Apple in Seven Minutes

That sweet feeling of vindication. —————————————-­—— Lily’s Patreon – Lizzy’s Deviantart – ———————————————- A special thanks to my Patrons… LEGENDARY PATRONS Ruby Brown DanGreenHeart MYTHIC PATRONS Zack Slauenwhite Ryan Van Schaack HEROIC PATRONS Mackenzie Ashley McLaughlin Samuel Elliott Gregory Meyer Hero of Bergen Furion Tums Geor Kimberly Ixbran Shiloh Connor Storm Spark Lea Phantom MTDragonslayer […]

Underlust ~ Bad Apple (v.2)

Sorry not sorry. I felt like this thing needed a bit of justice :’) I couldn’t find a voice for Grillby or Rosie, and Asgore is not here for reasons we all know :3 I don’t know if I’ll make more videos with the music box version of Bad Apple… there are very little covers, […]

Big Apple Comic Con 2016

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Swapfell Bad apple

If you want I can make more of this… I´m just experimenting all kinds of stuff in the world. Edit: Holy Cow!! I just uploaded this a week ago and it has more than 2k views!!! and more than 60 Likes!? Seriously, I love you guys!!! TuT (Supposed to be a face) Chara Temmie Happstablook […]

Swapfell ~ Bad Apple

Lol, I’ve had this video hidden within files for almost a month XD I completely forgot about it… Welp, seeing as I don’t have enough time to make a video now, I’ll upload this one; I won’t have to worry about it being forever forgotten now :’) Voices used: Toriel: Megurine Luka ( Asgore: Akaito […]