You’re A wimpy Loser With A Big Heart – Speedpaint

This is probably the best speedpaint I have made so far…the other ones well. They were kinda cheap bUT THIS ONE IT HAS DECENT QUALITY! Song is Spear of Justice by Toby Fox Piano Version belongs to I just own the art, youtube copyright please don’t hurt me

Tales of an Exhibitor – Phoenix Comicon 2016 ((Vlog #1)) The Time Has Come

Again sorry about the shakey camera, it’s quite challenging to keep it steady while you walk, talk, and till trying to give attempts at seeing where you are going. I need to get a selfie stick to help with that. When I go to Vacation in like two weeks, I’ll have one and those vlogs […]

Hama Bead Undyne (Undertale)

Amigos realmente siento no haber estado publicando trabajos este largo tiempo, pero me e mudado y no me traje conmigo los trabajos ni los hamas, estoy editando los trabajos que ya tenia preparados para ir subiendo, esta semana ya tengo listos algunos para subir y ojala llegué la caja con mis materiales para seguir, gracias […]

Zero/Niles Speedpaint (Fire Emblem Fates/IF)

Zero/Niles from Fire Emblem Fates!! AVAILABLE AS BUTTONS ON MY STOREENVY!! tumblr: twitter: redbubble merch: teepublic shirts: music: Tsuki sayu Yoru – Fu rin Ka zan (Remix)

Undertale Ep 30 | LAST GOODBYE?

(╯✧∇✧)╯*:・゚・゚CLICK FOR DESCRIPTION・゚・゚・゚✧ o(≧∇≦o) Hello My fellow Kookies! So this is it. We finally made it out the barrier. I hope you all had a great time with this playthrough of Undertale because I had a lot of fun with it. I learned a lot in this playthrough and have felt all of the feels. […]

An Undertale Fan Animation

Well, this I will be fully animating along with more, but I just liked this part a lot. I always wondered why is turns to black and white when in battle, so I decided to make an animation about it. When the screen turns darker, it is supposed to be like they are “In battle” […]

[Undertale Comic Dub] – Mock Fight

Hey undertalers, here’s another comic dub with the skeletons bros and their dear Gaster. Ok I said I can’t give my voice to male characters but Sans and Papyrus are children in this one. So, I can 😀 — My Channel : My Twitter : Author of the comic : Mudkipful Music from Pokemon […]

Art Vs Artist Meme

Link to picture on my DA- Link to pictures in the image- Yeh. I was bored and so i did the artist vs art meme. Link to base-  Art belongs to me Fnaf belongs to Scott Cawthon  Undertale belongs to Toby Fox MLP belongs to Lauren Faust/Hasbro Moonlight and Nova belong to me Enjoy!  Yes im a […]