Zelda Wind Waker HD – First Boss, Gohma

**EDIT** MrFacer has his ass handed to him for almost 4 minutes, skip to 03:50 for actual boss defeat action! All rights and credit belong to Nintendo corporation and the Zelda franchise. The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker HD on the Wii U. How to defeat the first boss. Play-through by MrFacer.

Ready To Have A Bad Time, Kid? {SPEEDPAINT}

Sorry for being so inactive! I’ve been having really bad Art block and have finally just gotten over it to draw this. Hopefully I’ll now be uploading more! Undertale (c) Toby Fox Art (c) Me

Cuphead – All Bosses & Ending

All bosses compilation of Cuphead for PC and Xbox One (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy – Rate – Comment – Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!! Every boss fight: 00:00 The Root Pack 01:20 Goopy Le Grande 03:02 Hilda Berg 04:57 Cagney Carnation 06:10 Ribby and Croaks 08:24 Baroness Von Bon […]

THE HARDEST BATTLE! Undertale Walkthrough Episode #6

Hi Guys! In this episode of undertale, I went up against a boss and it is the hardest battle so far that I’ve played. This boss is so hard to beat. I will try to do beat it off camera so that you guys don’t have to see me get beaten over and over again. […]

Undertale boss battle simulator video

Hey monster family MaiaUndertaleAU here so i faught storyswap asriel and more other aus and goodbye

Undertale Genocide: The Musical – Battle Against a True Hero

Weird to think this fish was ranting about pasta two weeks ago, huh? Disclaimer: Tracks for the musical will be released out of order. This is track 16/33. Watch what we’ve made of the musical so far in order here! Music and Game by Toby Fox Arrangements by Ferdk ( and Hellkite ( Undyne – […]

Warcraft II – Human Theme #2 | METAL REMIX

Finally a new metal remix of Warcraft II ost! 🤘 Original composer: Glenn Stafford Patreon thanks to: Sebastien, Monsieur J, Robert Thurner, Nicolas Vollmar, James S-R, Adam Skower, Christian Lochbaum, Jack Laurence, Monster Zero, Jakob Skalden, Simon Batifol, Christian Wey, Dean Reeder, Maik Huebner, Antoine TSF, Pavel Trufan, Alex, This is me, Vin Bhagwant, Ryan […]

[Underverse] VS Cross Chara [Fanmade Battle Theme] [X-Tale]

**DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK** **DISCLAIMER: This is not an official theme for the Underverse AU. This is fanmade and not apart of the Underverse series at this time** I’m still going strong on my challenge to produce at least five songs a month for this channel. So I started with another song for Cross!Chara as I […]