Dragons Dogma 2 Carl Wheezer Boss Battle 420% Not Fake

Ripped from the hands of a Capcom representative. Definately did not create that carl caption card in MS paint, just pure photoshop skillz Music: Undertale – Megalovania Sweet music from Carl Wheezers lips

Undertale [ep7] Kosmos De Carl Sagan – 2P-UP

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Carl Dix on Revolution and Religion, Cornel West & Bob Avakian

From Revcom.us: On a planet where billions of people suffer horrifically every second this system is in place… millions of people need to know that the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian, who has brought forward a framework for human emancipation, and the revolutionary Christian Cornel West will be in Dialogue on a topic that has everything […]

Carl J. Schramm: “Entrepreneurship and the Future of the Global Economy”

The Portman Lecture in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurship and the Future of the Global Economy” Carl J. Schramm President, Schramm & Company Bush Fellow, George W. Bush Institute Visiting Scientist, MIT April 19, 2012 Rockefeller Center, Dartmouth College A leading international authority, Carl Schramm, shows how entrepreneurism holds the key to innovation, job creation, […]