Saying “I’m busy” is bad for you. Here is why and what you could do instead.

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10 Unbelievable UNDERTALE Theories That Change Everything! Undertale Theory | UNDERLAB

My Patreon: A video explaining why I use Patreon and why I’d so massively appreciate it if you’d like to contribute: Here’s my very first UNDERTALE top 10 (rather than top 5), and it features some of my best theories to date! I’ve hand picked a few of my most outlandish ideas, along with creating […]

Sonic 3 And Knuckles (Mecha Sonic Boss) [CHANGE SFX AND MUSIC]

HEADPHONE RECOMMENDED BECAUSE ALL THE SFX [EXCEPT SPIN DASH AND BOSS HIT SFX] SOUND VERY LOW AND THE MUSIC WERE SOUND VERY HIGH! Music 1.Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Intro Remix 2.Sonic & Knuckles – Sky Sanctuary (Dance Remix) 3.Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – Boss theme OC Remix 4.Sonic 3 Final Boss Theme – […]

Undertale – Asriel change de nom! [Undertale Fandub FR]

Asriel vas devoir changer de nom à partir de maintenant! Comic nr1 ► Comic nr2 ► Musique nr1 ► Undertale ost – Sans Musique nr2 ► Undertale ost – Game Over Musique nr3 ► Undertale ost – Memory Musique nr4 ► Undertale ost – Spear Of Justice Musique nr5 ► Undertale ost – Last Goodbye […]

Chinese Dragon Legends are the Electric Universe, Giving a Sun Phase Change Timeline (354)

After years of living in Asia and seeing the symbols that these cultures were passing to our modern world, I am now releasing my research that shows a phase shift in the Sun’s intensity out put which will create a CME / EMP 2019-2020. Combining the SAFIRE plasma lab’s research, ancient history and Electric Universe […]

“Don’t change a word”: Jeff Daniels on Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue

Jeff Daniels talks about the challenge of Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue.

Every change in Pokemon Go Generation 2 besides new Pokemon

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Undertale sans battle music change

so i just released the no hit sans that was made by merg, and altso the music is changed, and this is the best part for me, I made the music. song name: you will regret this.

How to change any boss fight music in Undertale! (No TranslaTale)

Sorry for not uploading, but here is an awesome tutorial on how to change undertale boss themes! Best part, NO TRANSLATALE PROBLEMS!!!!