How are you guys! Welcome back to Sans Hard Mode Simulator. I completed the first phase & have made 3 custom attacks. I made a text file explaining few things in the .csv (It was SO tiring )but I lost it & I’m NOT gonna make another. Sorry folks. Links :- 1. Simulator :- 2. […]

Chara on crack XD

Check out this musical.ly: HOLY FUCK #undertale #undertalecosplay #chara #characosplay #puppetchara

UNDERTALE LIVE ACTION | Undyne Cooks with Chara [Teaser]

It’s coming soon! Get ready for a cooking lesson from Undyne to Chara, PUNKS! **Follow me on Facebook! **Follow me on Deviant Art!

Ask Mercy Series Part 9 (Undertale Comic Dub) | CHARA Y FRISK TIENEN SEXO | Shelos1life REACTION

Sigueme en Twitter: POR FAVOR SUSCRÍBETE : Video Original: Canal del Creador: Please support the original artist! Donate to her Patreon! Mas reacciones: Segundo canal (por si este muere)(y hecho para vuestras cosas fanarts – fanfics – memes: Si ”reacciono” a un anime/serie animada (steven universe, ladybug, mlp, etc) cualquier serie que no sea ”web […]

(DHMIS x Undertale) LOOK AT THE TIME! – Undertale Animation

‘Nuff said. **** Hey, I’m Josiahbrine. Thanks for watching my video! I’m kinda new to this YouTube thing, so if you have any advice, lemme know in the comment section below. I have more content planned for this channel, so subscribe now, so you can be one of those people who are like “Hey, I […]

1000 Subs: Undertale, Memes and WIPs Dump

Bees Ya like Jazz? Original trumpet thing: Original Woke the F*ck Up: ^^^ Inspiration: Original You Look so Good: I’m the Bad Guy (Chara Ver): Toxic Remix: Original I Love my Life: Deviantart: Undertale Amino: Tumblr: http:/bananaflavoredshroom.tumblr.com/