TRAIN video COLORING for kids

COLORING for kids train video for children kids learning coloring LET’S PLAY

You’re A wimpy Loser With A Big Heart – Speedpaint

This is probably the best speedpaint I have made so far…the other ones well. They were kinda cheap bUT THIS ONE IT HAS DECENT QUALITY! Song is Spear of Justice by Toby Fox Piano Version belongs to I just own the art, youtube copyright please don’t hurt me

Coloring The Papyrus Sprite

NYEH HEH HEH!!! Papyrus is here and ready to be colored!!! Next up: Undyne

Speed Coloring Doctor Alphys

This was my first Speed Coloring so don’t judge! Sorry for not uploading lately. School you know? Ugh hate it but 7th grade is pretty fun at the moment! More videos coming soon! Enjoy!