SPEED SFM!! Cooking with Undyne

Careful with that. You wouldn’t want to burn your house down or anything…. I struggled a bit with this one, because i thought I could adjust Undyne’s eye expressions a little, and I probably can, but I gave up. Either way, this one didn’t take as long as the 200 sub special I made. Now […]

PewDiePie – Don’t Be A Salad. Be The Best Goddamn Broccoli You Could Ever Be!

A little lesson of life by PewDiePie. ORIGINAL VIDEO: PEWDS:

Undertale Comic Dub (FIRST EVER): Cooking with Undyne (unedited :’/)

I supremely wished I edited it with music and stuff, baat I ended up NOT doing such! Haha! Lel! Anyways, enjoy this video PS: I don’t know if this has to be a voice reveal, but maybe it should, since I already have 60 subs (Huwey foh meh!!)


Crunchyroll Premium free trial!! This is a paid advertorial thanks to Crunchyroll 😀 Subscribe to me! Snazzy 2016 Calendars Check out Nanalew’s anime guide which helped me find some of my favourite shows: Gaming: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: Instagram: Handy links to the anime I talked about: Attack On Titan: Sword Art Online: Food Wars: Parasyte: […]

{Undertale Cosplay} Cooking With Frisk

Frisk thinks that Chara and Sans have poor health choices when it comes to food. So join Frisk as she teaches Chara and “Sans” on how to cook spaghetti. Follow us on: for updates and BTS pictures for our videos Thanks everyone for watching!

Minecraft Undertale – “COOKING WITH A KILLER ROBOT!” #20 (Minecraft Undertale Roleplay) #KIP

Minecraft Undertale – “COOKING WITH A KILLER ROBOT!” #20 (Minecraft Undertale Roleplay) #KIP Follow me & send me your fan art for Minecraft Undertale!! – Twitter: Instagram: @newscapepro NEW EPISODES EVERY SUNDAY & THURSDAY! (Next episode: May.1) Cory and Frisk (Shubble) wander into the set of Mettaton’s (SkyDoesMinecraft) new show, “Cooking with a Killer Robot.” […]

Papyrus’ Cooking Spaghetti Show! (Undertale Plush Adventures)

Papy tries to cook up some spaghetti but fails horribly. Undertale music made by Toby Fox.

Cosplay Cooking with Mey-Rin | Mey-Rin’s Vanilla Matcha White Hot Chocolate

Hi everyone! This is my first cosplay cooking video and it is cooking with Mey Rin video in which she teaches you how to make Vanilla Matcha White Hot Chocolate! Enjoy! You Will Need: Squirty Cream Glass Jars or Glasses Matcha Powder Vanilla Extract Green Food Colouring Things to Decorate With (sprinkles etc) White Chocolate […]

Cooking With A Killer Robot! – Undertale Part 15

The evil, Giant robot, Metaton, meets us again on his cooking show, but not before PUZZLES! MORE PUZZLES! Yup, time to shoot those damn puzzles and get a taste of combat with this metal maniac before you actually face off against him. There’s also a lot of people who are having mixed feelings in the […]