DETERMINATION 1. True Determination – Fredrik Häthén 2. Lullaby for the Fallen Child – Sirenstar 3. Papyrus’s Tarantella (Nyeh Heh Heh) – Guido Arcella Diez 4. Premonition of a Flower – Wyrgan 5. Rising Waters – Jon Bash 6. [REDACTED] – Ben Wallace 7. Chill – David Russell 8. Rundyne – Tetrimino 9. Hotland Express […]


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Sans cosplay!!!!!!!

I did a sans cosplay! It took about 45 minutes to do the makeup on my face, and I was too lazy to do much else


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Fan Expo Dallas 2016! [Sunday, June 5] – Part 1: Undertale Cosplay

In this part of the montage, it’s cosplay time at Fan Expo Dallas 2016! The whole gang pulls off an Undertale cosplay for the ages! It turned out to be a big hit at the Expo as many took pictures with the gang upon arrival! Pharaoh2091: SkiniMini: BoricuaBinks217:

Let’s Play: UNDERTALE -Part 1- Kawaii goat mom hits me with a FEEL TRAIN…and fire

Puzzles, Goat Moms, and maybe murder pie? This is a blind play through of Undertale! I really recommend it! It’s very fun so far! I’m going to be doing some let’s plays between my cosplay videos so my youtube gets updated more often so I hope you don’t mind! Part 2: This game made me […]

Rhys and Handsome Jack Cosplay (Ash Senpai and Zacharie)

Follow Ash- his vine AshSenpai Follow Zacharie- Their vine- Zacharie

Liberty City Anime Convention – 2016

i had so much fun! and i was the undyne on friday and the other other pearl in a tux on saturday music : Undertale Adventure Remix Its Over Isnt It VGR remix Do It For Her VGR remix Undertale Chime Remix

3597 (reupload)

Chara – Undertale @AmyBleu Tagged: , portrait , personnes , harajuku , cosplay , Chara , genocide , Undertale , knife , PurpleAlyss

Undertale – Cosplay AU Part 2

The second installment to this series. Again, it’s quite short because it’s one of the first episodes. Previous Episode: Next Episode: SOON Song: SharaX – Dark Darker Yet Darker (Remix)