Undertale Song Cover – Storyshift – Histrousle

Storyshift – Music by keno9988ii ( Arrangement by Nahu Pyrope ( Asriel – GallifreyanChild ( Lyrics by Josh Kynaston ( ( Art by Katreal ( Mixed by Nahu Pyrope ( Edited by Josh Kynaston ( ( Download the cover here: Join our Discord fan server!: Check out our social media!

Cave Story – Running Hell on guitar

Cave Story is one of my favorite games and it’s filled with awesome songs. I hopefully get to cover other songs from this game as well. Btw, it’s easier to play this on guitar than getting through the Hell-stage. 😀

Undertale – sans. (A Bonely Medley) [Guitar & Violin Cover/Remix] || String Player Gamer

BUY MY UNDERTALE ALBUMS! The original “sans.” soundtrack is a catchy, if repetitive, musical loop. It’s always a fun challenge to bring the original song to another place. So with the original riff, I incorporated Papyrus’ theme “Bonetrousle” and Sans’ two other theme songs, “Megalovania” and “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” resulting […]

[Undertale] Megalovania – Orchestral Cover

JOIN OUR DISCORD! This one took me a bit longer than a few weeks. Wasn’t too happy about the ending either, but I couldn’t come up with anything less than cheesy. The observant people will notice that the logo on the thumbnail came off… I thought that it would be better for presentation. Patreon: Facebook: […]

[FRENCH COVER] Undertale – Stronger Than You -Genocide Remix – (Chara version)

Enjoyez vous bien avec cette Cover de ce Chara-cter… *Disparaît* 【Undertale】Stronger Than You -Genocide Remix- (Chara version): =============== Paroles (Originellement traduites de Hibikaze Senpai mais arrangées par moi même ;D): Nous y revoilà Est-ce que t’es prêt le comique ? Avec tes blaster et ton œil brillant Tu ferais bien de te préparer car La […]

[RUS COVER] Sans Battle – Stronger Than You (Undertale Animation)

Эй народ, соскучились? Как же давно я ничего не выпускал!!! Вот вам короче ковер по Андертейлу, надеюсь вам понравится ^^ – – – – – I’d be glad to have your support. – – – – – Вокал и Обработка – Efim BS Составление Текста – Efim BS – – – – – За превью […]

Undertale Destruction of Determination – chara battle (DRUM COVER)

hey whats up guys its your boi….nvm XD hey guys its me Old man Ruvik, why old man? because i hurt my back at work XD but i’m doing alot better today! and wow this song is OUT OF THIS WORLD! seriously this song was to much at once XD this fills are all over […]