Lego Custom: Napstablook (Undertale)

I like the face, but not really the choice of pieces, I think I should have gone with something more round. Tagged: , Lego , Meme , Memes , Halloween , Custom , Napstablook , Undertale , Ghost , Fight , Mettaton , Dummy , Videogame , Videogames , PlayStation

Custom Boss Fight Preview Add Your Name To Be A Spectator

So I am making my biggest custom npcs boss fight yet. If you want to join then add your IGN in the comment below and tell me if you like me or hate me.

LEGO Undertale – How to Build Sans

Well, I haven’t uploaded a “real” video in a while, so here it is. Thanks for being patient. Music: Sans. – Megalovania – Footage: Sans Introduction: Goosebumps: “Don’t Fall Asleep” –


Facebook page : Patreon : Instagram : Musique : Attention : La poupée que je suis en train de réaliser sur cette vidéo ne sera pas identique à celle que vous avez pu voir sur la miniature. Celle sur la photo a été réalisée en début d’année, et le modèle de la poupée d’origine n’est […]

Undertale Custom Fights: Times New Roman/Sans

Some more awesomeness with another fangame! This time we fight a non-canon character named Times New Roman and find out what happens if you were to miss that faitfull attack in Sans’s battle! |Follow Me!|

Timelapse: Undyne (from Undertale) LPS Custom

FAQ: I use acrylic paint and a sculpting putty called Kneadatite to make my customs 🙂 *THIS CUSTOM IS NOT FOR SALE* Here’s my newest Undertale inspired custom: Undyne! I really wanted to make her in her full armor because she looks super strong and cool with it! Hope you like how she turned out […]

RhythmTale – Undyne (Custom Rhythm Heaven Game)

Block the spears when you’re green. Dodge them when you’re red. Sound simple enough? Good, ’cause you’re gonna need two hands for this one! Credit to Toby Fox for Undertale + Spear of Justice. Credit to Nintendo for the Rhythm Heaven series.

in the woods

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Sans and Payprus Join Us

Now Available Tagged: , Lego , Lego Custom Minifigure , Lego Creations , Lego Minifigure , Minifigure , Minifigure Custom , Undertale Custom , Lego Sans , Lego Papyrus , Undertale Customs , Atomic Bricks Undertale , Custom , Custom Minifigures , Atomic Bricks , Atomic Bricks Toys , Bricks Atomic