Determination – Undertale Speedpaint (Please watch in HD!)

hello! sorry for not uploading f o r a g o d d a m n y e ar but here is a speedpaint of frisk ! —————————————————————————- Tools: – Sony Vegas Pro 13 for editing – ibisPaint X for drawing and the speedpaint – Samsung Tablet A for drawing —————————————————————————– Songs: -Elevatorstuck from Homestuck […]


When I first heard AdamSkiHawk’s song “Undertale – His Theme (Orchestral Mix)”, it brought back all the wonderful memories of my Undertale Pacifist Run. Toriel taking care of me, Sans & his whoopee cushion, going on a date with Papryus & encountering all the other amazing characters on the journey. These are my favorite memories […]

Undertale – Pacifist LOADED Playthrough – Part 16 – Determination!! True Final Battle!

Determination!! Seriously, this is the final battle! At long last! And satisfying one at that, because it revealed many things! Next episode will be the last – Epilogue and backtracking, lol. I do want to talk to as many NPC as I can before ending the game for real. Game link : Part One : […]

Surviving Undertale, Day 17

In which I build a bridge or two, to help me get over the feeling of BETRAYAL! Quote of the day: “Papyrus, you’ve touched my heart.”

Undertale | Undyne the Undying Fight

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Be A Master And subscribe Help Master Junior reach 100 Subs Check Out Other Vids Dubsmash Stop Motion Gameplay Clash Of Clans Minecraft Reverse And Many More!

Undertale Destruction of Determination – chara battle (DRUM COVER)

hey whats up guys its your boi….nvm XD hey guys its me Old man Ruvik, why old man? because i hurt my back at work XD but i’m doing alot better today! and wow this song is OUT OF THIS WORLD! seriously this song was to much at once XD this fills are all over […]


For real, this is all that’s left to do. ► GET THE ALBUM: ► iTunes: ► Google Play: soon ALBUM STREAM ► ► THE FIRST ALBUM: ► Check out Ace’s Channel: ► All my UT Cover Videos: ► Boys and Girls Aid Charity: iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify all coming soon! Support me on Patreon: […]


Le combat le plus difficile contre flowey, ça se passe dans Undertale, j’affronte enfin ce boss compliqué !! — 🐦 Mes réseaux sociaux: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: —