Undertale Genocide Boss Fights [1/2]

**SPOILERS** Put a warning, because this game is very story driven. If you choose to do a “genocide” run of this game (yes, that’s what it’s called), there’re alot of differences to the other playstyles. They are interesting, but what struck me the most are the substantially more difficult bossfights. There are only two of […]

[Glitchtale: Sans’s death with alternate audio] WHY DIDN’T YOU DODGE?!?!?!?

This video is for entertainment purposes only, so please do not comment “Sans didn’t dodge else Asriel would have died.” I get it ok, it’s suppose to be funny. Dear everyone, That was my 1st thought when Sans died. Credits goes to me, for making the video, Camila Cuevas for making the animation and, Team […]

Undertale: Undyne Boss Dodge (Well, it’s not a fight, anyway)

So I’ve been busy and ill the last couple of weeks. My apologies. One thing that has happened though was the release of undertale, a game I’ve been hyped for a while. I thought I’d record a boss fight or something. If you haven’t seen any of the game, play the demo (or watch a […]

Best technique to dodge 200 lightning bolts in FFX

playing FFX and noticing how much more difficult it is to actually dodge lightning bolts? It’s because it’s in HD, the lag from a wireless controller and HDMI to the TV causes just long enough a delay that it makes dodging lightning bolts even more frustrating (if that were possible). This technique should allow you […]

Dodge This | MrKyuubi Verse

Can you dodge this? You probably could if I took a good few months to create a verse. Yeah, I know the rap sucks, and this is an old thing amongst our fandoms rappers. The verse could have used more work, especially since I wrote it months back before I even understood what I was […]

TFS DBZ Abridged – “DODGE!!!” Running Gag (Compilation)

This is a collection of all the moments in the series that had the “DODGE!!!” running gag. Hope you enjoy.

Insane Dodge Ball Kill! [Original]

Follow Up Video: Dodge and knock a player out by doing a gainer. Check out the gear I wear at FluxCTF.com Follow on instagram @FluxCTF Like on Facebook @FluxCTF

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!!

funny film scene from dodgeball!