[Vocaloid] Drop Pop Candy Violin Duet

Cool Things Below! _______________ Aaaand for this collab I coerced (I jest) another rl friend into this super happy cutesy sugary song! (very fitting for him I know :P) Transcribed this almost immediately after it appeared. I believe I asked him summer of last year? this was the first reaction: “what in the world is […]

Levis Teacup Musically Duet Compilation (Undertale, Fnaf, Soul Eater)

Yo yo yo!!!! Sorry the video is so weird omg. I’ll get into the loop of editing better soon! But here ya go!! Just follow the instructions at the end of the video for a chance to be featured. (Being in the correct cosplay increases your chances of getting in!)

[Undertale Duet] – Battle Against a True Hero (Alphys Ver) – KHTLL13/Shy Siesta

Art belongs to their respective artist — Beautiful singers: KHTLL13: Shy Siesta: — Lyrics: I can… feel my… soul reviving… All their… feelings… writhing… grieving… You’re made… of hate… I shook… you shake… Your time… is up… just who… are you? I remember… a kind… smile… Who was… the one… who dusted them? I’ll get […]

[Undertale Duet] – Alphys Takes Action – KHTLL13/Shy Siesta

Thanks to Aftertale Fanatic for mixing Coffe K’s original song with LyricWulf’s and Cressy Candycat’s covers. Aftertale Fanatic: Lyricwulf: Cressy Candycat: Vocal Covers: KHTLL13: Shy Siesta: I do not own the art, they belong to their respective artists — Kiralyst’s Social Media: Twitter: www.twitter.com/kiralystlp Twitch: www.twitch.tv/kiralyst Facebook: www.facebook.com/kiralystlp/ Partner up: — Free Audio Works License: […]

Aphmau and Aaron Texting Duet | Love is an Open Door | From Frozen

Thanks to this app called Texting Story I can literally make a texting story :3 And sorry I haven’t posted lately, been so busy in school and well….examinations are gonna come up on Nov. 14-16 So when it’s exam time, please……wish me luck.?? And Undertale Ep.7 might be my next upload Again when it comes […]

Asgore’s Theme (Viola/Bass duet)

Sheet music made with MuseScore – This was one of my first transpositions I did back in may, got fairly popular on musecsore so I figured I’d go ahead and start doing this and more on youtube, hope you enoy 😀 (I do not own Undertale or its music, that’s Toby Fox’s job)

Undertale – MEGALOVANIA Piano Duet | Frank & Zach Piano Duets

SHEET MUSIC: FREE MP3: SUPPORT US: BEHIND-THE-SCENES: If you enjoyed this video, please SHARE it with others! We really want to see this channel grow, and have lots of exciting things on the way. Thanks again for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video! – F & Z ►Link to the Sans masks: […]