Undertale – Leaderless Endings (Neutral Route)

Without leaders, things look really bad. 00:00 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and atleast 1 monster. 00:34 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and 20 or more monsters. Subscribe for more Undertale! 😀 Undertale Playlist:

Unitale: Glitch encounter – other endings

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THE DARK PAST REVEALED… | Behind The Memory Gameplay (Both Endings)

The endings of Behind The Memory are here and it’s crazy. I absolutely loved this game and felt the story flowed and progress at a great pace and oh my lanta, that’s soundtrack is amazing! If you enjoyed this little series, make sure to hit that like button, comment and subscribe! Support the game: â–ºTwitter: […]

My Top 30 Anime Endings of Winter 2015 + 31-56 listed in description

Reuploads! Rule: As usual, no single episode songs. The Rest: 31) Durarara!!x2 Shou ED 1: “NEVER SAY NEVER” by THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS 32) Majin Bone ED 3: “Live Me” by LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN 33) Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD ED 1: “Tankyuu Dreaming” by Emi Nitta 34) Pankis! 2-jigen ED 1: “Coffee ga […]

Chara Genoicde Endings Voice Acting.

Yay! Voice Acting 🙂 This is a little thing I wanted to do, the clips are from Undertale. Video : Music : Dialogue : Check Out These Channels Mr. Cool Geek : Team Creepycast : I do not own the clip, music, or dialogue all belong to Toby Fox. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of […]

Undertale: Sans Boss Fight (+Both Genocide Endings)

Nope. Selecting “DO NOT” has the same outcome regardless of whether or not there was a previous Genocide run done.

Unitale: Chara Encounter – Other Endings

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UNDERTALE COOKING BATTLE! Undercook Pacifist & Genocide Endings [Fan-made Battle Gameplay]

Undercook is a really cool Fan-Made Undertale battle with Archo, the master chef! I killed the crap out of him. Become a YuBscriber! Play this game: YuB Shirts! HERE ARE THE PLACES WE CAN BE FRIENDS: Snapchat! YuBplays Twitter! Instagram! Twitch! Facebook! Player.me! Flickr! 2nd Channel (Unedited Gameplay) – I don’t cuss in these videos […]

Can You Escape Love – UNDERTALE GONE HORRIBLE WRONG (All Endings)

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