Killing Everyone in the ruins (but the spiders) UNDERTALE Genocide EP1

I kill everything in the ruins but the spiders

Undertale Ep.1 -A Talking Flower!-

Today we play Undertale. I only know the Endings, some bosses, and other thing. But I didn’t know about Flowey the Flower

[Undertale Animation ITA] – ULTRA!TALE EP#1

Ed ecco a voi il primo episodio della tanto attesa serie di ULTRA!TALE VIDEO ORIGINALE: DOPPIATORI: KimeriX – Delta Sans ZanyFanDub – Ultra Chara, Flowey, Papyrus Liv – Alphys Undertale Comics Ita – Undyne, Frisk Emma White – Toriel I Gentlemen – Grillby, Mettaton, Bravery The Lemmon – Dubbing Network – Asgore SOCIAL: Gruppo Telegram: […]

Say It – “Promises” {Season 1 – Ep.1} – [Minecraft Roleplay]

HERE WE GO!!!!! I hope you guys are excited as much as I am!!! This is the first ever episode of Say it!!! I’ve waited so long for this to be shown on screen and I’m so happy with the work I’ve created with my team. I would like to know what you all think […]


Hey guys hoped you liked the video see ya later o3o Outro song: Twitter: Insta: @markosaurus_rex_o3o Avatar Creator Insta: Ramironia Xtra Tags! : Xtra Tags!: Undertale, under, tale, undertail, gameplay, walkthrough, playthrough, blind, HD, part 1, ep, episode 1, intro, true, pacifist, review, frisk, toriel, flowey, papyrus, sans, undyne, mettaton, ex, neo, asgore, asriel, chara, […]

Choco-Tale S1 EP#1. (Undertale AU mini series)

#2 will upload 3days later It’s make myself undertale AU I hope chara is good and play with other character XD So i select item is Chocolate XD…. anyway this series is all #7~#8. after series will make sometimes… this animation series next is “Undertale on Break #2” XD!! thank you ! and check my […]


Next episode: Full and 1st playthrough of Undertale, covering most of the game as you would experience it yourself, with no commentary.

[REDIFFUSION] Let’s Play Undertale ! S2 Ep1 : Toriel, j’arrive ! :D

Salut à tous ! Aujourd’hui on commence Undertale en pacifiste 😮 Pensez à mettre un J’aime, un commentaire et surtout, à vous abonner ! Si vous pouviez me faire un petit don même de 1€ ça serait SUPER sympa ! 😀 Pensez aussi à faire un tour sur Instant Gaming ! Il y a des […]