Vigil night on the Shadow Tower

Press L The Shadow Tower is a castle on the Wall. It is located close to the western end of the Wall. The Shadow Tower is one of only three castles on the Wall still manned by the Night’s Watch, along with Castle Black and Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. There are nineteen castles along the Wall, but as […]

[MMD] Dissidia Zidane Tribal: “Butterfly on your right shoulder”

((((((((((((((ESPAÑOL))))))))))))))) Finalmente! por fin conseguique Zidane baile mi cancion favorita de mi Vocaloid favorito!!! Kagamine Len – Migikata no Cho ( Butterfly on your right shoulder) de la version Project Diva 2nd uy! buenisimo!!!! bueno, pues no hay mucho que decir. solo que… disfruten del vid. dedicado a todos los fanaticos de Zidane Tribal y […]

Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis – Ardyn Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)

Ardyn boss fight in Episode Ignis Final Fantasy 15 DLC on PS4 Pro 1080p HD 60fps. ► If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more! FF15 FFXV Final Fantasy XV Ardyn Boss Battle

Final Fantasy VII – Let the Battles Begin – With Lyrics!

(I do not take requests for things to add to musicals. Any requests telling me to do Genocide or Megalovania will be deleted or result in you being blocked.) Yes, that is what the song is called. “Those Who Fight” is the Japanese translation, and I don’t speak Japanese, so… Final Fantasy VII by Square […]

Final Fantasy 10 Review: The Good [PART 1/2]

In which I talk about some awesome mechanics, theming and set the tone for the main symbolism series coming later this summer. Very close to the most important goal ever on Patreon: Consistent full time job status, so any help is especially special~ PART 2: “Woah nice Twitch stream, my friend.” -Barrack Obama 2017 You […]

Final Fantasy XIV goes Rock – Stormblood Boss Dungeon Theme

DOWNLOAD LINK below. YAAAAY STORMBLOOD !!!! You can support me on Patreon Or buy my album of Original Music here A big thanks to my patrons Colin McMillen, Leroy Bird, Nick Early & my others awesomes Patrons on Download this song : —–MY ALBUM—– 9$ Bandcamp 7€ Spotify : iTunes : 10€ Google Play […]

AmeCon 2016

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Howdy once again! So, I just wanna say, that I didn’t draw this meme. It’s was draw by one my very good friend, but she doesn’t have a channel for some reason, and she allowed me upload this, and I love what she did! And don’t worry, I’m gonna do this meme too, but idk […]