Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis – Ardyn Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)

Ardyn boss fight in Episode Ignis Final Fantasy 15 DLC on PS4 Pro 1080p HD 60fps. ► If you enjoyed the video, please like and subscribe for more! FF15 FFXV Final Fantasy XV Ardyn Boss Battle

Final Fantasy XV PARODY (FFXV Cosplay) “TRIGGERED”

A Cosplay Skit of the new hit game; Final Fantasy XV (FF15) Noctis and Prompto go on a road trip full of dangerous side quests and Chocobo adventures! Oh and Noctis with a severe case of lost bromance for Gladio and his gloriously ripped abs ~ And thank you to Jc, Mariah, Austin and Jack […]

Final Fantasy XV WTF moments: Funny FFXV fails compilation

Final fantasy XV has had some hilarious bugs, glitches, gameplay and cutscenes. Here’s a FFXV compliation of all the biggest fail WTF moments in the game. Bar a few minor story and character clips this is spoiler safe for the game, kingsglaive and brotherhood. 1 or 2 possible spoiler themes thrown in from the FF15 […]

WWE 2k16 (PS4) Divas/Women CAW Extreme Rules – Cindy (FFXV) vs. Toriel (Undertale)

My attempt at making divas/ women Superstars on the PS4 version of WWE 2k16: Cydney/Cindy (Final Fantasy XV, Awoooooooooooo) vs. Toriel (a.k.a. GOATmama from Undertale). and yes, the women (and men) cannot wear jackets (or hats) during matches.